Tips for Buying & Using a Camera : How to Avoid Photo Red Eye

Hi my name is Franc Anderson, and I’d like
to talk to you about how to avoid red eye. First of all the reasons for getting red eye.
It’s really simple, if the light from your flash gun is close to the access of your camera
lens, the light goes in through the pupil of your eye, and the redness is caused by
the light coming back from your retina. You’re actually photographing your retina. There
are a few ways to avoid this, in compact cameras find the menu and often you’ll find that there’s
a function you can turn on or off to avoid red eye. Sometimes this means that just before
the camera takes your photograph there will be several short flashes. This is to closed
down the iris of your eye, and minimize the effect of red eye. On SLR type cameras like
this, the usual way to avoid red eye is to use a gun, a flash gun like this, which clips
on top of the camera. And as you can see there’s now quite a distance between the access of
the lens and the access of the flash and his is usually enough to prevent red eye completely.
However if you’re close to the subject, red eye can’t occur. In this case one way to avoid
it is to buy a gun where you can have an attachment like this, this softens the light, diffuses
the light from the flash gun, and so prevents red eye. There are also commercial products
on the market which will clip to the front of most flash guns, and will also do the same
job. One final note, if you do want to spend the money on an attachment such as this. There
is a simple solution, a handkerchief either fabric or paper can simply be attached to
the front lens of the flash gun like so, and presto you have a diffuser. Another way to
prevent red eye is to make sure that the flash doesn’t point straight at the persons face.
You have two alternatives, one is to bounce the flash off the ceiling, providing it’s
white. If the ceilings colored the scene will take on the same color as the ceiling. The
alternative is to direct the flash at a wall and bounce the light off the wall, this also
is a very nice way to illuminate someone’s face. Of course the wall also has to be white.

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