Tips for clear and fluent speaking in hindi with English subtitles #TalkRight

hello friends i will share some tips with you for the clear voice i want to share this tips with you because i suffer from this problem i used to speak fast,fumble and i am in marketing i feel it that i have to improve by anyhow so i read about it,try it figure out myself i tried it first on myself and i find it works so i think it will help you too we start with very basics that when we produce voice the major organ involved in it how can we workout on those usually we avoid the basics while speaking example,if we want to make biceps,we workout with dumbbells same we need to do with our mouth its all natural process but we can improve it by practicing so we talk about major organs which are tongue and jaws so usually what happens our tongue got lazy let her work how ,start with streching first you stretch it in the beginning,like this ok 5 to 10 times you can easily do after that second thing that after streching roll your tongue on the back side,like this it also ,initially 5 times then 10 times after that get tongue a full circle like imagine you have toothpaste in your tongue and you need to brush with it like this ok in the beginning 5 times clock wise,5 times anticlockwise then gradually incensed it to 10 times at the beginning it will a bit hurt to tongue ,don’t worry then take middle portion of tongue and try to push it outside your mouth same 5 to 10 times then simply take a page read 5 to 10 sentences but how ,i will tell you take 3 figures, clean them well and put it in between your upper and lower teeth then read you will get some saliva,but it s ok what is the benefit you will see while you speak your tongue and mouth needs to put more effort while speaking it prepares your tongue ,jaws to put effort while speaking one simple principle is whenever our jaws are open we speak with more clarity then come your inhalation process means oxygen whenever we speak ,if sentences in long or words are long you will observe that you need to tak pause or fumble while speaking your inhalation need to be proper how you can check inhalation your chest should not expand but your tummy should ok then simple things are there,whenever you read, read it loudly give modulation to your voice and sing loudly friends this is my first video i try to explain you some basics try it you will get help form it i will share more tips with you if you like this video then like it here share and subscribe so it help me to go further thanks


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