Tips for dealing with epsom salt in your ear – DSP 08

>>Graham: Alright, and today’s question is
actually more of a question from the floater side of things, and if you’re a float center
owner, then this is something you get all the time, which is, “I feel like I have salt
water stuck in my ears.” “It’s a day after the float, how do I get
it out?”>>Ashkahn: So, first of all, one thing we
have in our float rooms is just little bottles of distilled white vinegar. Usually do like a half-half mixture, half
water, half distilled white vinegar. I’ve also seen places use alcohol.>>Graham: Yeah, rubbing alcohol?>>Ashkahn: Rubbing alcohol.>>Graham: Not like green alcohol.>>Ashkahn: Just pure vodka. But basically that is just a solution that
you can put into your ears, kind of like those swimmer’s ears solutions that they make, that
helps evaporate that salt water out, break it up, dissolve the salt, and flush the water
out. So, that’s kind of a nice precautionary step. Having that in your rooms, available to people
so that they can flush their ears out after their floats is going to reduce the number
of times this happens to people in the first place.>>Graham: I will say, I think they work better
than just trying to rinse your ears out with water from the shower, for example, which
I have tried doing just that and not using ear drops. Sometimes it’s fine, and then other times
I do get that weird kind of crinkly, salty, the old salt ear.>>Ashkahn: The old salty ear, yeah. It’s not very pleasant.>>Graham: No it’s not. I guess for those of you who haven’t experienced
it, first of all, you probably should just go into a float tank and don’t wash your ears
out afterwards, and wait a day later.>>Ashkahn: No don’t, you don’t want to have
to live through that.>>Graham: Okay, don’t do that, but if you
did do it, what you would experience is kind of crunchiness, and I even find a squeakiness. Like, I’ll turn my neck and my ears squeak,
which is a weird phenomenon, and it can actually be kind of painful as well.>>Ashkahn: Yeah, it’s uncomfortable for sure.>>Graham: Fortunately the exact same thing
works as a precautionary measure, works for eliminating it too, so actually just putting
some white vinegar, or alcohol into your ear afterwards will alleviate it, in my experience,
in a matter of seconds. You get maybe 10 drops of white vinegar into
your ear, and almost immediately that salty ear is kind of disappeared, and the crinkliness
is gone, and you kind of drain it into a paper towel or whatever it is, and you’re set.>>Ashkahn: I’ve also heard of, I’ve never
tried this, using hydrogen peroxide. Like the 3% peroxide from the store. Have you tried that?>>Graham: I haven’t, and this is where an
actual scientist and myself probably diverge down different paths. But, I have heard that hydrogen peroxide is
very good at eating away at organic material, and that in general, even for wounds and things
like that, it’s probably better to use alcohol than hydrogen peroxide, just for it kind of
going after your body a little bit more. I personally would be a little nervous, and
that is my completely uneducated non-medical opinion on that. But no, I haven’t tried it personally either.>>Ashkahn: So, sometimes none of that stuff
works for people, right? I’ve definitely gotten reports of that, like
they tried all that stuff and it didn’t happen. Another of our co-founders just had crazy
water in his ear for about a week.>>Graham: For a week?>>Ashkahn: After floating.>>Graham: Yeah.>>Ashkahn: I’m not sure what to do, other
than wait it out, like it will go away, I mean I’ve had points where I’ve had it for
a few days, and it will naturally end eventually, which is nice. But other than vigorously shaking your head,
kind of like punching that side of your head with your ear, to kind of hammer it out of
your ear, you know?>>Graham: [inaudible 00:03:32] … is a medical
professional, so that’s very apt medical advice right there.>>Ashkahn: Yeah, the punching side of your
head part is definitely what I would recommend to everybody.>>Graham: Thank you Dr. Kahn.>>Ashkahn: Why is there other techniques for
this?>>Graham: No, and I mean I think to be honest,
that, that’s much more like actual swimmer’s ear, right? At that point, it’s not the problem. The problem isn’t that there’s salt water,
and salt crystallizing in the front of your ear, it’s that there’s actually water trapped
somewhere a little bit deeper. So that’s much more common, and you’ll find
it in regular swimming pools, not just float tanks as well. Then, that will of course happen sometimes
here. In Quinn’s case, it happened to be a lot of
earwax. I don’t know if I should say that on the air,
I’m like, “Quinn has a lot of earwax.” But it was, and eventually that ear wax just
came loose and came out, and it was totally fine, and he was good again. So that’s how you deal with it. Anything else to add?>>Ashkahn: I don’t know, it just kind of sucks.>>Graham: Get yourself some ice cream afterwards,
you know? Give yourself a treat.>>Ashkahn: Every once in awhile, unfortunately
it does kind of ruin people’s experience, I’ve had people tell me, they had a great
float, but then this happened to them, and for like three or four days afterwards they
were dealing with it, and they’re just not going to come back and float because of it. That part of it is unfortunate.>>Graham: Yeah, putting things like that in
your walkthrough speech are really good, just to prime people, “Hey, if you do have water
in your ears afterwards, first of all, use these vinegar ear drops immediately after,
and also if it happens, if it persists for days, that’s a cure for it. Similarly, if you do have auto emails to go
out right after someone’s float, putting in their, that this is a way to take care of
salty ear, if they happen to experience it is great, and Ashkahn, we actually have some
posts of literature. We call it our ongoing guide to floating,
and that has a little mention of, if you have this kind of salt gathering in your ear, what
to do about it afterwards. That can again totally stop someone from having
a completely miserable experience, just by letting them know how to deal with this problem
swiftly rather than thinking it’s something they need to suffer through.>>Ashkahn: Okay, well that’s been some Ear
Tech, coming straight at you from the old Daily Solutions Podcast.>>Graham: In your ears from our mouths.


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