Tips To Prevent An Ear Infection by Kaiser Permanente

– [Narrator] Here’s another thrive tip from Kaiser Permanente and FOX 12.>>Stephanie Kralevich, FOX 12
– If you have ever
experienced the throbbing pain of an ear infection, you probably don’t need to be reminded of what one feels like.>>Dr. Ruth Chang
Family Medicine, Kaiser Permanente
– We often think of children when we think of ear infections but adults can get them as well. The ear canal skin is incredibly thin, thinner than a piece of paper. You can easily damage your ear canal by inserting a cotton swab even if the cotton swab is pretty soft. Always teach your kids to not
put anything in their ears. We say leave the ear canal alone. Don’t put things in there. So, your ear wax is really good for us. Our bodies make it as a way to
naturally clean out the ear. It’s best to leave it there. If you have a big buildup of wax, see your doctor to get your ears flushed or you can use
over-the-counter removal drops.>>Stephanie Kralevich
– If you have symptoms of an ear infection or think that complications of an ear infection are developing, she says call your
doctor for an evaluation. – [Narrator] This has
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