Tired of carrying around contact case and solution? Switch to daily contacts; it’s a game changer

hi guys so today I want to talk to you
about contacts so these are the Acuvue oasis Hydra clear plus contacts that
I’ve worn for years and I’ve used different variations of acuvue over the
last 15 years I just love those contacts when I first started wearing contacts
I wanted a contact that I could wear for extended periods of time that I didn’t
have to take out that I could sleep in that I can wear overnight and I didn’t
have to fuss with it in contacts that I could use on a daily basis right and I
love these these are amazing they are very they’re very natural they feel very
natural they feel moist I don’t feel like my eyes are getting dry. they
just feel great I love them. I absolutely love these contacts what I don’t like
about these contacts are the fact that I have to carry contact cases with me and
contact solution especially when I’m traveling I do not like carrying contact
cases and solutions with me depending on how long the trip is sometimes I have to
carry a lot of contact solution with me and I really don’t like doing that so
what I decided to do is try different contacts in daily contacts so that I
don’t have to carry contact solution in cases of me so this is what I did so the
first contact I tried to was one from clear so this is all over social media and I
decided to try them they were ok I didn’t have any issues with these
contacts I I liked them I thought that they could be a little cheaper but
otherwise they were ok so then I found dailies total these contacts are amazing
I absolutely love these contacts they are the 1-day contacts they are water
gradients so they also feel very moist and very natural they’re really easy to
put on and I really don’t have to worry about contact solutions and contact
cases I pop them in and I’m on my way at the end of the day I take them out and
I’m good to go I go to sleep but I absolutely love these contacts there are
amazing amazing contacts so my left eye is negative 1.75 in my right eye is
2.25 and so that’s why there are two different two different strengths but what
I want to do is I want to show you how easy it is to put these contacts on
they’re really amazing and they’re daily contacts. dailies contacts that’s what
they’re called dailies total but their daily contacts that one-day contacts
that I absolutely love and I like it because I don’t have to worry about
contact cases and solutions but what I want to do is I want to show you how
easy it is to put these contacts on so this is the little packets that they
come in so you open the packet here’s the contacts in a lot of solution so you
take the contact out now you got to make sure that you have you’re holding the
contacts or they look concave you see that all right so hold the contact like
that I pull my lower lid down in order to put
the contacts in that’s it all right so that was the left one let’s try the
right one and I’ll do the same thing so same thing I’ll put the case grab your
contact put it at the tip of your finger see it’s concave pull your eyelid down done see that’s it that’s how easy it is
so that was it they’re in there they feel great and I can toss the little
packets and I’m on the go so if you are thinking about switching your contacts I
will definitely say try Dailies total these are the 1-day contact lenses I
absolutely love them I know that once you try them you’re gonna love them too
there’s just amazing contacts and you no longer have to worry about contact cases
or contact solutions so check them out I hope you liked this video and if you do
give me a thumbs up and subscribe below until next time take care

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