Tissue Spears to Remove Ear Drainage

Twist a square tissue or toilet paper spirally
into a ‘rat’s tail’ using the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Continue to twist until tight. If the tissue spear is too fat, it will be
difficult to insert into the ear canal. Break off the tip (which may become floppy)
and also the remaining tissue from the other end, so that it does not impede insertion
of the tissue spear. Gently push the tissue spear into the ear
canal while pulling the ear back. Carefully rotate the spear while inserting
it. Insert into the ear canal about 2 – 3 cm or
until the child blinks, coughs or cries. If the spear is not inserted far enough, it
may not reach the bottom of the ear canal and so ineffective cleansing will result. Leave the tissue spear in place for 3-5 minutes
to enable absorption of drainage. Make additional spears while waiting. This is also a good opportunity to teach children
how to make their own spears correctly. Should both ears suffer drainage, spearing
both ears concurrently when possible will save time. After 3-5 minutes, remove the spear slowly
and discard. The pus will adhere to the spear when removed. Repeat the process with a new tissue spear
until the tissue is dry when it emerges from the ear canal.


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