TMJ Ear Pain- Treatment Options- Dr. John Barras DDS Answers Online Questions

– Hi, I’m John Barras I’m a dentist in Houston Texas. I treat a lot of TMJ patients. I had an online
question from Cindy. She recently went to an ENT. She had a lot of
ear pain, throbbing, ringing in the ears,
congestion in the ears. So she thought she
had an ear infection. She went to her ENT, did all
kinds of work-up, x-rays, thorough evaluation
from a respected ENT. And the ENT stated that
everything looked really, really good, that
she may have problems that may be related
to a TMJ problem. So she wanted to know,
is this in fact true, and if so what are treatment
options that she can do to alleviate this problem. So what I told her, in our
office what we try to do is we take a look at how the
teeth are coming together. Sometimes the teach are
mismatched, or there’s crowding, or rotation, or missing teeth, or malaligned teeth when
they’re functioning. When they do not
function together, what happens is the jaw
is not on the same plane on both sides, and one side
can work harder than the other. And when they’re not
aligned the jaw on one side can go up higher and
then lower on one side. When it does that,
the lower jaw bone is really, really dense, and the ear canal
is right back here. So what can happen is it can
compress on that ear canal and create this pressure that’s almost like
kinking a water hose. That can cause
ringing, and vertigo, and pinching on the
nerves, and all this. And that’s really
related to a bad bite. So in our office, what we try
to do is balance the teeth to getting a harmonious, or so the muscles
are working together. And that also relaxes the jaw
to where it kind of goes down and forward, and it’s not
kinking that ear canal up there. So once we do this,
then we can test out and see if our patients
are feeling better, over about a six
week period time. And if this works, then we can
give more permanent solutions such as orthodontics,
or veneers and crowns to put the teeth in to that
position to correct a bite that’s not in an
optimal position. So I hope this
answers your question. If you guys have any
further questions, please give us a call at
our office, 713-993-9814.


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