TMJ Ear Pain- What are the Causes & Treatments? Dr. John Barras DDS Answers Online Questions

– There are a number of
treatments for TMJ ear pain and the causes relate back
to what we see in our office is a bad bite. A bad bite will cause
a muscle imbalance, and a muscle imbalance
will lead to the jaw tilting one way or the
other, because your guide, which is your teeth,
aren’t balanced. When the teeth aren’t balanced,
the muscles aren’t balanced, and then the jaw can go
in different directions and it can be retracted. So, if the jaw’s retracted,
what we know is that your lower jaw bone comes
in real close proximity to the ear canal. When it’s protruded
back like that, it can actually put
pressure on that ear canal to where it’s almost
like kinking a water hose where the air pressure goes
through at such a high rate that you can hear
whistling, and you can hear, some people even get vertigo
because they’re imbalanced, There’s all kinds of
nerve endings there, and there’s muscles
related to that area, so an imbalance can cause
some real ear pain over there. In our office, what we try
to do is balance the bite to where it’s in a nice,
comfortable position, and when we balance the bite, the lower jaw comes
down and forward, relieving pressure on this TMJ
area to where the ear canal can get the normal opening
of air going through there to where it’s not
hissing or spitting and causing ear problems.


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