TMJ-Jaw Pain, Causes and What to Do About it

Do you grind your teeth or clench or
perhaps you’ve had dental work? Well there might be a problem with the TMJ or
the temporomandibular joint. Hi I’m Dr. Thom Green from Elmira Family
Chiropractic and today I’m going to go over the temporomandibular joint (your
TMJ) and how that can affect your health. Often times we see this area getting
tense or tight when people are under stress. Whether they’re not sleeping at
night, maybe they’re going through an emotional stress and they wake up in the
morning and their jaw hurts or perhaps you have a hard time opening
your mouth or maybe your jaw swings one way. Just check in the mirror it’s a simple
check, see if your mouth opens straight up and down or does it go to the side?
A simple check can tell you how the function is in that joint itself. Now,
the anatomy is this, it’s a hinge joint and right here it should
swing open as you open and close your mouth okay and that should happen on
both sides nice and evenly. Now if let’s say for example, the muscles here on the
one side are tightened, so the muscles that are used to open your mouth one
example would be the masseter muscle, you can see it tighten up there when I
clench my teeth or the deeper muscles deeper to that, we call those the
pterygoids and they run medial to lateral. If those tighten up then that can affect
how that jaw is opening and some specific soft tissue work in that area
can help to relax those muscles because this can be very painful. Oftentimes this
can be misdiagnosed for like sinus issues or ear pain or headaches
because this can refer up into the temples. The temporalis muscle also
crosses in that area and and it can cause eye pain many different
different outcomes if there’s a problem with your TMJ. Other things to think
about are that proper gliding motion and that’s were specific adjustments in that
area, gentle adjustments to help realign that TMJ can help with that function as
well. Ultimately dealing with the root cause of that stress is super important
as well, so if you’re you know you’re dealing with issues in your life it’s
important to look at those because that can show up when we’re unconscious
and we’re sleeping and that’s when we see most of these TMJ issues arise. If
you’re a weightlifter you might grit your teeth when you’re lifting so don’t do
that a mouthguard is important and same thing at night when you’re sleeping a
mouth guard can’t help further damage to your teeth, but again it’s not fixing the
problem. So I hope this helps if you have any questions just leave them in the
comment box below or you can send me a message. I’m happy to help in any way I
can have a great day.

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