Toddler HEALS from Ear Infection After New Type of Treatment!

Hey everybody it’s Dr. Bain here at SpringBack
Chiropractic. I’ve got another one of my patients here Katelyn and her daughter, and they just
want to tell you a little bit about their results here in the clinic as being a pregnant
mom. So um coming in here I had a lot of tailbone pain. When I was pregnant with her it caused
a lot of back issues. And I am pregnant again and so a lot of those issues kept coming up
and they were progressively getting worse. So when I came in after about 2-3 visits my
tailbone pain actually started to go away. As my pregnancy has gone on I have avoided
a lot of the pains that I’ve had in my back over the past couple weeks. I just feel great
this time around as compared to her. Not that she causes me pain. Haha. And we had some
pretty great posture changes as we always do with folks. And then we had an ear infection
incident that I think you wanted to tell everybody about. Yea so had a rough week with her a
couple weeks ago. She had a real bad ear infection. Was in pain and we couldn’t figure out how
to get it go away. Dr. Bain said to bring her in so we adjusted her and he also he taught
us a technique on how to clear her sinuses out and the next day she was running around
and had so much energy and was starting to feel better. So we are definitely grateful
we found this place. Yup and so we just wanted to show everybody out there that this new
type of chiropractic, this different type of chiropractic is totally safe for pregnancy
and for kids as well. And just wanted to talk about that and show you guys that so thank
you so much guys. If you are a family out there, maybe you are a pregnant mom, or maybe
you’ve got young kids, or teenage kids. You are more than welcome to come into the clinic.
Give us a call consultation are always FREE we would love to have you here. Thank guys!

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