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The Tohoku Mathematical Journal is a mathematical
research journal published by Tohoku University in Japan. It was founded in August 1911 by Tsuruichi
Due to World War II the publication of the journal stopped in 1943 with volume 49. Publication was resumed in 1949 with the volume
numbering starting again at 1. In order to distinguish between the identical
numbered volumes, volumes in the first publishing period are referred to as the first series
whereas the later volumes are called second series. Before volume 51 of the second series the
journal was called Tôhoku Mathematical Journal, with a circumflex over the second letter of
Tohoku.==Selected papers==
Weiszfeld, E. (1937), “Sur le point pour lequel la somme des distances de n points donnes
est minimum”, The Tohoku Mathematical Journal, 43: 355–386. This paper describes Weiszfeld’s algorithm
for finding the geometric median. Grothendieck, Alexander (1957), “Sur quelques
points d’algèbre homologique”, The Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Second Series, 9: 119–221,
MR 0102537. This paper, often referred to as “The Tohoku
paper” or simply “Tohoku”, introduced the axioms of abelian categories. Sasaki, Shigeo (1960), “On differentiable
manifolds with certain structures which are closely related to almost contact structure. I”, The Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Second
Series, 12: 459–476, doi:10.2748/tmj/1178244407, MR 0123263. Part II, 13: 281–294, 1961, doi:10.2748/tmj/1178244304,
MR0138065. The introduction of Sasakian manifolds

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