TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 41: The Tedious Tale of Timothy

“DieselD199’s TOMICA Thomas & Friends” THOMAS: What exactly are we doing here, James? I told you. I’ve invited you two here tonight on Halloween so we could pay tribute to the Ghost Engine of Sodor THOMAS: Uh-huh PERCY: The Ghost Engine? Have you two never heard of the tragic tale of Timothy? Ugh, no. But I have a terrible feeling that I’m going to Well, then you’re in for a treat A long, long time ago Spare me the history lesson THOMAS: Fine. But make it quick A long, long time ago on Halloween night back when the North Western Railway was still in its earliest days NARRATOR: A little engine named Timothy was pulling a passenger train The late night special ran from Knapford through to Maron where the line terminated, as the Viaduct was still under construction “Short 41: The Tedious Tale of Timothy” Timothy was a kind little engine of the E2 class, like Thomas, in fact THOMAS: I guess that means he was a pretty good looking engine Ugh, sorry NARRATOR: Timothy was of the E2 class like Thomas although he was an older design without the extended side tanks He had silver paint that shone in the moonlight and the number zero on his side The trip was going well and Timothy was making good time as he pulled into Wellsworth Station But as you and I know, strange things can happen on Halloween DRIVER: All right Timothy, off we go Timothy? Sure thing NARRATOR: Timothy continued to run smoothly for a time but as they approached the final station, it happened Neither the Driver, nor Fireman, could shut off steam and apply the brakes Instead Timothy started to go faster and faster STATION MASTER: Hmm? NARRATOR: The Station Master tried to flag him down but Timothy raced right through Maron Station and into the distance towards the unfinished Viaduct DRIVER: Ermahgerd Timothy! Stop! You’ll kill us all! NARRATOR: But Timothy didn’t stop and he didn’t reply he just kept going, faster and faster The Driver and Fireman desperately fiddled with the controls but they wouldn’t budge The Guard tried to apply the brakes but they wouldn’t work either TIMOTHY: (laughs demonically) I’m going to send you all to the Scrapyard! (demonic laughing) This is it, your end has come! (laughs) Wha-wait, what? Oh crap Ow! (crash) My face! My horrible demon-face! Ow… NARRATOR: The next morning they hauled Timothy out of the ravine The Fat Controller came to see him He was most annoyed THE FAT CONTROLLER: Really Useful Engines don’t try to kill their passengers and crew TIMOTHY: I know sir, I’m sorry sir THE FAT CONTROLLER: Yes well, let’s get you fixed up We need you back to work at once Really? No of course not, you maniac We only hauled you out for the scrap metal Wait, what?! Hey, this guy looks just like me! Well that story sucked PERCY: That’s only because James didn’t tell it right My Driver told me the real story This is what actually happened Subtitles by DieselD199


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