Top 10 Scariest Human Eyes

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eyes or poking eyes..which is a shame as that is what we’re about to do…. So join me as we talk the top 10 scary eyes
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we have a link in the description box below. OKAY EYES…. 10 – Kim Goodman
Kim Goodman from Istanbul in Turkey can pop her eyeballs 12 millimetres out of her head,
making them look HUGE. She officially has the farthest eyeball pop
in the world…yes, there is a Guinness world record for that! LOOK AT THEM FROM THE SIDE! The proper term given to this kind of eyeball
displacement is Proptosis. Kim was diagnosed with the rare condition
after she was hit over the head with a hockey mask. These days she has the ability to pop them
on cue. Do you want to see a slow motion eye pop from
Kim. Of Course you do. POP. No, this terrifying eye isn’t real, but
the story of how it got into a young girls eye socket is…. That is coming in to number nine…. A video went viral on facebook when Rayssa
Ivanny Ficag posted footage of her daughter trying to squeeze a fake eye from out of her
own socket. It seems she put it in her own eye socket
because she liked the look of it…but she panicked when she couldn’t get it out. She cries as her mother tries to pluck the
eye out. The footage has since been removed from facebook
but it has been uploaded to youtube. It is horrifying. Well this is very sad up next at number 8,
we have a Cyclops Baby. In October 2015, this baby made headlines
when it was born with an eye in the middle of its forehead. The baby was confirmed to be suffering from
Cyclopi that was caused by the mothers exposure to radiation while pregnant. Sadly, the Egyptian baby died within a few
days of birth and the family were offered counseling. . Okay, these aren’t real eyes at number 7…
but they are real contact lenses that actually exist and to me they are pretty damn freaky! Imagine looking someone in the eye only to
discover they’re filled with tiny cats…I am sorry but that IS disconcerting! ! These 58 dollar lenses are popular with
teenage girls in Japan…but personally…I see them as more of a Halloween purchase. So, we have a bit of a question at number
6….we’re talking about Pupula duplex Pupula Duplex is allegedly a rare medical
condition that causes a person to have two irises and two pupils in one eye. There are a lot of photoshopped pictures out
there…like a lot… and a lot of internet sources claiming the condition is a real thing. I don’t think so, though. 5 Catt Gallinger
Oh….dear….well…this is why you shouldn’t get your eye tattooed….as if you needed
any other reason that the words eyeball and tattoo together… meet Cat Gallinger…the
woman with a weepy purple eye. The 24 year old model from Ontario, Canada,
said that she had major complications after allowing a salon to tattoo her eye purple. Since the procedure, she has suffered from
discharge, a swollen eye and vision loss. She says the damage to her eye has also taken
a toll on her mental health. This dude’s eyeball tattoo didn’t go wrong
like Catt’s did, but I did leave him looking like a scary, scary guy…. Meet Jason Barnum at number 4
Jason was arrested for shooting police officers at a hotel in Alaska and is a known heroine
addict. This is his prison mugshot. Y…ikes. I guess it isn’t just his black tattooed
eye that is terrifying here, it is the whole look… inclusive of his half skull face tattoo. Oh, he also has been pictured with a Swastika
necklace, too. Sure. Why have just one eyeball tattoo when you
can have both done…riiight… well.. meet convict Morgan Joyce Varn at number 3. Morgan is just 24 years old but looks much
older and scarier, partially thanks to her double cornea tattoos. She was arrested in 2017 in South Carolina
for kidnapping and armed robbery. She scares me more than Jason Barnum to be
honest. 2 – Woman who cries crystals
Eyes that produce crystals…sure sounds like a money spinner, but….ew. Crysals coming out of my eye are the stuff
nightmares are made of. Laura Pons is now in her late 30s and has
been crying crystals since she was 15. Doctors think her eyes are producing too much
keratin, which is causing the crystals. Sometimes she has to take time off work when
the crystal attacks happen, during which time she can produce up to 30 a day! I literally cannot look at pictures of her
eye… it makes me feel pretty ill. Finally, at number one of the Top 10 Scary
Eyes …we have Marnie Harvey, the teenager who bleeds from her eyes… Marnie suffers from a nightmarish condition
that means she bleeds from her eyes and ears. Shas been crying blood from her eyes and since
she was 14, and her condition has been getting worse. She now bleeds from her nails, nose, eyes
and ears up to five times and day and has yet to find out why. She has been tested for almost every condition
under the sun, including tumours and dietary disorders, but doctors still have no idea
why she is bleeding. Doctors have even dubbed her the mystery girl. Marnie has said it affects her social life
and that she can no longer attend a hairdresser training course as she doesn’t want to get
blood everywhere. She has shared pictures of it happening on
social media and honestly it looks horrifying! So…that was the top ten scary eyes that
actually exist… how do you feel about these…I feel not good! I think the crystal ones freak me out the
most…which eyes send shivers up your spine? Let me know. Thanks for watching, am your most amazing
host, Rebecca Felgate. If you like this video make sure you hit that
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