Top 5 Least Painful Piercings

Top 5 Least Painful Piercings
Before you get a piercing the pain factor always runs through your mind. How much is this going to hurt? How long will it hurt for afterwards etcetera. Well lucky for you guy im going to tell you
about which piercings will cause you the least amount of pain. Hey youtube im Court McGinley and welcome
back to the most amazing top 5. Before we get started I want to know- if you
could get any piercing where would it be and why let me know your answers down in the comments. Also make sure you subscribe to our channel
if you havnt already and like this video so we can keep beringing you awesome top 5 lists. Alright lets get started on our list of the
top 5 least painful piercings. –Starting off at number 5- Tongue- apparently
compared to other piercings out there this one is considered one of the least painful
ones. I always thought it would be painful because
when you bite your tongue it hurts..really bad. But according to people who have this piercing
they claim its not nothing like the pain you feel after biting your tongue. People say its uncomfortable yet bearable. Now while the piercing itself isn’t so bad
the after effects kind of suck, and it actually hurts more afterwards then actually getting
it pierced. –in at number 4- eyebrow piercings are actually
considered fairly low on the pain scale. I was pretty surprised by this one actually. People who get this piercing actually describe
a feeling more like pressure than pain. And describe the feeling resembling a strong
pinch. The reason I thought this piercing would be
more painful then it is- is because theres barely any fleshy tissue there its just skin-
and its not just one incision point but 2. I just imagine it would feel like getting
2 piercings as opposed to one. –at number 3 spot- Navel- the navel piercing
is usually a right of passage when it comes to teenage girls. When it comes to the pain of getting this
piercing done its considered to be one of the less painful piercings. This is because its in an area with soft tissue. Most people would compare this piercing to
being stung by a bee. So it doesn’t feel good but its also not
horrible. –in at our number 2 spot- lip piercing- this
is a piercing that is becoming more mainstream and is considered to be fairly painless. In order to get this piercing a small metal
clamp is used to hold the lip in place- the a needle pierces through before inserting
a stud. Easy peasy. The reason this piercing barely hurts is due
to the fleshy nature of this area. Because its just soft tissue its easy to pierce
and it causes it not to hurt that much. –Coming in at our number 1 spot–Earlobes-
theres a reason practically everyone gets this piercing. One of the reasons is it looks nice and the
other is that it’s the least painful. Also im sure that fact that it can be legally
done under the age of 16 helps. The reason this piercing s considered the
least painful is due to the fleshy nature of the area. Many people describe this piercing as feeling
like a minor sting that lasts a couple seconds and that its less painful then a bee sting. I don’t know if I agree with that. I got my ears pierced when I was 12 and I
remember being a bit more painful then a minor sting. Also this piercing is pretty easy to take
care of and heals quickly. And there you have it that’s our list of
the top 5 least painful piercings. Thank you guys so much for watching and ill
catch you in the next one.


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