Top Ways to Keep Your Ear & Hearing Healthy

[Music] ways to keep your ear healthy here’s our integral part of our sensory system and any issues with them can greatly affect our efficiency in productivity ear health is often ignored while it is very easy to maintain proper ear health with simple tips don’t poke inner ear is a very sensitive and delicate organ do not poke your ear with any sharp object like pencils scissors or Clips any damage to internal ear can lead to permanent hearing loss wash firm ear hygiene is very important for itself wash the outer part of ear with water while bathing cleaning backside of ear with little soap there’s also very important as lots of dirt get accumulated there get rid of cotton butts cotton buds for ear health our biggest myth rather using cotton buds can irritate the skin inside the ear and can lead to infection also cleaning ear with cotton buds can push the earwax more inside the ear and thus make it more difficult to remove prevent water entry it is important to prevent water entry inside ear while bathing or swimming tap water and pool water may contain bacteria which can go inside ear ear and cause infection it is advisable to wear ear plugs while swimming use medicinal oils rather than using any moisturizer or oil it is always preferable to use sterilized medicinal auroral medicinally or oil helps to lubricate the flaky skin inside the air and promotes natural dispersion of earwax reduce your headphones volume the bony apparatus inside ear which helps us to hear is very delicate loud noises especially from headphone can damage this gentle apparatus and can lead to permanent hearing loss thus avoid exposure of high decibel sounds on ears never avoid any ear problem always contact your physician for my new test ear problem like pain swelling or hearing problem it is important to treat air related problem as soon as possible as ears also maintains the equilibrium of the body and allows us to stand and walk correctly [Music]

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