Trate Sinusite e Bronquite Naturalmente Em Casa

Besides being a much appreciated seasoning, the
onion is a great natural anti-inflammatory and it can be used to treat problems
skin, throat, intestines and stomach. Moreover, it is also indicated in the fight
to intestinal and menstrual cramps, coughing, catarrh and hoarseness, and to prevent
heart and circulatory diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes. Onions are also recommended to help
to lose weight with health, and reduce bad cholesterol from the blood. natural expectorant, onion calms cough
and respiratory tract irritation and effective against bronchitis, laryngitis and diseases
respiratory. Finally, the onion has the ability to improve
the defenses of our body to increase capacity functioning of our immune system. Learn two wonderful homemade recipes
to treat the symptoms of respiratory allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, colds, flu, cough
and stuffy nose. Turn the onion in your purifier
natural air: leave an onion in half and place half of the onion next to the bed before
sleeping. The smell from the onion will play in
Air substances that will kill germs, bacteria and viruses. In addition to promoting the air renewal of their
quarter, helping to decongest your nose and, consequently, facilitating their breath. You can also create your own syrup
expectorant from the onion. It is well-known home remedy
it wont solve most problems Respiratory. INGREDIENTS
– An average onion; – Juice of one lemon; – Two tablespoons of honey pure tea; – Two
glasses of filtered water; METHOD OF PREPARATION
Cut the onion into large chunks and let boil about 15 minutes. After standing for five minutes, strain and add
two teaspoons of honey. Leave to add the lemon juice squeezed
time to take it. Take a tablespoon, two to three times
per day. The syrup is valid for a maximum of two days,
so avoid making large amounts of it and focus on consuming it regularly for
keep all the properties of its ingredients. Treat flu symptoms stuffy nose
it takes a while, but the consistent use of medicine makes a difference. If you have children, self-respecting the natural outputs,
to improve and maintain the immune capacity them any longer.


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