Traumatic Injuries by Aaron DeShaw | Trial Guides

(peaceful music) – [Speaker] The traumatic injuries DVD, is about something very different then most Trial Guides products. It covers how to find all
the injuries in your case. Unless you find those
injuries and you understand the injuries and know where
to make the referrals, it’s impossible to get full
claim value on your cases. I did a multi-hour lecture
on how to find things like, mild tramatic brain
injuries, inner ear injuries, C1 instability and other
things that are commonly missed that can create
substantial value in your clients cases. If you watch this video, you will learn so much that you can take into every case from here forward. And you will start to hear new things when you meet with your clients. You will understand the
depth of their loss greater, you will be able to
advocate for them better, and you will be able to get substantiation for the much more serious cases. The end result of this
is, you will get better settlement offers, you will
have better substantiated cases and you will be getting
better trial outcomes, as a result of doing a
better job for your clients.

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