Treating Dry Eye Disease with Diet: Just Add Water?

dry eye disease is almost common eye disorders causing irritation and discomfort and can decrease functional vision sometimes because of dramatic deterioration in the quality of life about five million American men and women over age 50 suffer from moderate to severe dry eyes and tens of millions of more have a mild or episodic manifestations of the disease at a cost of more than fifty billion dollars in terms of treatment they’re a bunch of drops and drugs that can help we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on things like artificial tears but currently there’s no therapy available to actually fix the problem if drugs don’t work doctors can try plugging up the outflow tear ducts but that can cause complications such as plugs migrating and eroding into the face requiring surgical removal or surgeons can just go and cauterize or stitch up the ducts in the first place there’s got to be a better way what about prevention well dry eyes can be caused by LASIK surgery affecting about twenty to forty percent six months after the operation within you know with a million LASIK procedures performed annually that’s a lot of people and sometimes the long-term symptoms can be severe and disabling there’s a long list of drugs that can do it and to histamines decongestants nearly all the antidepressants and I can volson’s antipsychotics anti Parkinson’s drugs beta blockers hormone replacement therapy as well as a few herbal preparations in the developing world vitamin A deficiency can start out as dry eyes and then progress to become the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness vitamin A deficiency is almost never seen in the developed world unless you do it intentionally there was a report in the 60s of a guy who deliberately ate a vitamin A deficient diet living off of bread and lime juice for five years and his eyes turned in to this but better than this poor woman the member of some cult that tried to live off of just brown rice herbal tea whose eyes literally melted and collapsed there are also a couple case reports of autistic children who refused to eat anything but french fries or bacon blueberry muffins and kool-aid and got vitamin A deficient there was a case in the Bronx written up as vegan diet and vitamin A deficiency but wasn’t the kids vegan died he refused to eat vegetables consuming only potato chips puffed rice cereal with non fortified soy milk and juice drinks his parents lacked the skill in overcoming the child’s tendency to avoid fruits and vegetables a plant-based diet may actually be the best thing for patients with dry eye disease those who wear contact lenses and those who wish to maximize their tear secretions people with dry eyes should be advised to lower protein total fat and cholesterol intake and increase complex carbohydrates increased vitamin A content by eating you know red orange yellow and dark green leafy vegetables increasing zinc and foley folate by eating whole grains beans and raw vegetables especially spinach ensure sufficient b6 and potassium intake by eating nuts bananas and beans ensure sufficient vitamin C biting citrus eliminate alcohol caffeine reduce sugar and salt intake and increase water consumption to six to eight glasses per day but we know dehydration can cause a dry mouth my dehydration caused dry eyes seems kind of obvious but evidently it was never studied until now is the answer to just drink more water well we know that those suffering from dry eye are comparatively dehydrated they figure that tear secretion decreases with progressive dehydration just like saliva secretion decreases you know giving us dry mouth and indeed as one gets more and more dehydrated the urine concentrates and so does the tear fluid but one can reverse that with rehydration razing the exciting prospect that improving whole body hydration by getting people to drink more water my converting might confer important therapeutic effects for patients with dry eyes the researchers recommend eight cups of water a day for women and ten cups a day for men you


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