Treatment for knee pain (घुटने के दर्द) with acupressure therapy

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care.Today
we’ll be talking about knee pain. Symptoms are having trouble standing up after
a long sitting session,feeling of not having proper balance while walking and hearing sounds
of joints rubbing against each other while walking or doing any kind of movement.Causes
can be increase level of uric acid causing problem of gout which increases the knee pain,some
type of injury or rupture at knee.One main cause is osteoarthritis.There is a fluid like
substance filled in between two joints which prevents the two bones to rub against each
other and enables swift movements.As one get’s older this fluid starts to dry up thus causing
friction between the bones making sounds.This can be painful.A little prevention can be,change
postures in regular interval to ease your body.Neither do prolong sitting nor standing
sessions.Also don’t do any exercise too vigorously.Now let’s see it’s treatment.Massage the middle
joints of your middle as well as ring finger with a cream.Do a proper massage for about
5-7 minutes on both hands.Then after wiping the cream off,apply a fenugreek seed strip
on the middle joints of both fingers on both hands.Apply it for about 6-8 hours a day.Please
don’t expect a miracle but do it regularly until your
problem subsides.Do inform me about the experience in the comment section below.Thanks for watching
the video.


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