Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

if you have an abscessed tooth that
means the pulp of your tooth is infected and you’ll need root canal therapy the
pulp is in the center of your tooth it houses the nerves and blood vessels
and provides nourishment for the tooth even with proper brushing and flossing
tooth decay can happen if left untreated the decay can reach the pulp also a
cracked tooth can lead to an infected pulp a cracked tooth or a large cavity
allows germs to reach the pulp which may lead to tooth loss with root canal
therapy your dentist removes the infected pulp and cleans out the center
of the tooth then the tooth is often resealed with a crown to make it
stronger usually the treatment only takes one to three office visits and
there’s little to no pain with proper care your restored tooth can last a
lifetime for the ADA dental minute I’m doctor Maria Lopez Howell


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