Trump’s Plan To Cut Food Stamps Will Hurt His Supporters The Most

The Trump administration has been making some
changes to some of our social safety net programs. One of those being the snap program or food
stamps. And one of the changes they’ve made, they,
they’re, they’re getting rid of the broad based categorical categorical eligibility,
which basically just means that if you’re poor, but maybe you have a little bit of money
saved up and that money you have or the assets you hold put you just a little bit above the
poverty level, uh, now you’re not going to get food stamps. In the past before this thing was scrapped,
it would say, hey, it’s okay if you’re a little bit above the level, your income shows that
you would be below the level, but apparently you saved a little money. Maybe you have a house and it puts you over
it, so you’re okay. You’re not going to fall off the cliff. We’re still gonna protect you. The Trump administration wants to do away
with that because it’s gonna save them about $10 billion, uh, over the next few years. And that $10 billion they’re going to save
obviously has to go to the tax cuts for the wealthy. But here’s the kicker. This new change is gonna kick 3.6 million
Americans, including 500,000 children off the snap program. Or excuse me, there’s 500,000 children up. Sorry. It’s not just that they’re losing their food
stamps. Uh, they’re also losing their free and reduced
school lunches too. So basically we’re gonna, uh, starve children
to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy elite. Oh, but it gets so much worse too for the
president because the majority of people who are going to lose these benefits happen to
reside in red states. Out of the 3.6 million people, 1.9 million
of them are red states citizens. So slight majority, but a majority nonetheless,
Donald Trump has screwing over his own voters because he wants to put more money in his
own pocket through the tax cut. That’s what this is about, folks. That’s what this is. And to be fair, Trump’s not doing anything
out of the ordinary here. This is exactly what every republican president
since 1980 has wanted to do and most of them have to some degree. This has been the policy of the United States
since Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, cut the social safety net programs to pay
for tax cuts for the wealthy starve children in this country because the top 1% needed
a little bit more money in their pockets. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. What kills me about these stories, and again,
literally 40 years now, is how those red states are the people who put these Republicans in
power, who then turn around and take everything from them and yet then somehow try to blame. Oh, it’s not because of us. It’s because of immigrants. It’s because of people with a different color
skin. Oh, it’s because of people who worship a different
God than you. They create the problems for their own constituents
and then lie to them about the causes and that’s how they keep getting reelected. Red State voters got to wake up here. You do have real enemies in this country,
but it’s the people who you keep putting in office. They and they alone are the ones who are screwing
you over. They’re screwing you over to give more money
to their donors. They’re screwing their a you over because
they’re taking money from your boss and doing whatever your boss says. Maybe they don’t want to raise the minimum
wage. So Republicans are fighting that and you’re
the ones putting them in office. You have to wake up. You have to understand the damage that you
are doing to yourself and to this entire country. But it’s easier to tie it back to your own
personal experiences. The people you keep putting in office, the
people you keep putting into power are the ones who are making your lives a living hell.

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