Trying 9 COOL CHRISTMAS LIFE HACKS by Power Vision

– Hey guys, how ya doin’? My name’s Robby, and today is a crazy day, because I only have like
150,000 more subscribers until I hit a million. And do you guys know what that means?! That means I’m gonna get a craft tattoo. (gasps)
(suspenseful music) I don’t even know where I’m gonna put it! If you guys really want this to happen, tell everyone about my channel. Just tell everyone. Tell your mom, tell your
grandma, tell your dog! Just tell everyone! And maybe with your help, I can make a really bad decision, together, with you. Thank you so much for all
the support, all the help. You guys are all fantastic. I really freakin’ appreciate it. Anyway, let’s get on with the video. (“Jingle Bells”) So we get our box,
let’s take a hot shower, this was already printed inside the box. Please don’t judge me. Actually, we’re gonna ditch the box and we’re gonna blow up this balloon. (air whooshing) Will that fit? Uh, maybe a little bit smaller. Now we’re gonna deflate the balloon, and we’re gonna put my
very special gifts to Tori, inside this balloon. So I want her to know that
I’m always watching her, so here’s a bunch of googly eyes. I mean that in a not
creepy way, by the way. I, uh, I’m always watching out for her. I don’t know, I’m a
loving boyfriend, okay! Get in there, googly eyes. Also maybe some of my stickers! Maybe if I just roll them up a little bit, and put ’em in there, it’ll work. Another sticker. Get in there, sticker. Ugh, okay. Maybe if I stretch it out like this, I won’t mess up the sticker so bad. Ugh, get in there. Ugh, get another sticker. Get more of ’em, gotta
deuce up with this sticker. Okay, perfect, yeah. I think this will be enough stickers, so I don’t really need these. Oh, now my thumb is stuck, ow! (gasps in pain)
Ouchies! I’m also gonna give Tori
her very own pink beanie. I don’t know if it’ll fit
inside of this balloon, though. I sure am gonna try, though! Just, yes. Oh my gosh, it’s working. (cheers happily) Okay, next balloon, I’m gonna try and fit a whole shirt. I can’t believe this actually works. Okay, now I’m gonna
blow it up a little bit, and put it in the box. (air whooshing). There we go, oh cool, it works, sweet! I’ll put it in the box. I have to get the pin to put on there. I’ll be right back. Okay, we got our pin. Let’s hope it doesn’t pop the, oh no, I just dropped it on a balloon. Okay, we got our pin. Let’s hope it doesn’t
actually pop the balloon before Tori does. Let’s tape that on there. Hopefully, uh, it doesn’t
pop anything in this corner. I’m gonna try to close the box now. I don’t know how well this is gonna work, ’cause the balloon is kinda big, but I’m sure gonna freakin’ try! Oh my gosh, oh wow, it’s working! (cheers happily) We’re gonna tape this shut. Tape right there. (cheers) Awesome, cool, it worked! Okay guys, now it’s time
to give Tori her present. Tori Debranski! Okay, Tori Debranski, here’s your present. – Thank you. – You don’t need the screwdriver. – Can I just open- – You can just open it like this. Open it like that.
– How? – You got it, you gotta open the tapes. – Oh, okay. – Ready? – So I did need the screwdriver. – Oh I guess, I guess so. Man, that screwdriver could do anything. Just please don’t stab me with it. Okay, Tori Debranski, Are you ready for your… (Tori screams) (Tori laughs) Tori, are you ready for your present? – No, okay. Okay.
– Okay, and there’s a pin. No, no go back, there’s a pin right there. You have to take it off. You gotta pop it.
– Okay. (Robby laughs) Thank you. Why did you make me do, I hate popping. – Just pop it!
– No! – Pop it! (balloon pops)
(Tori yells) Look at! I got you a beanie! – Aw, thank you! How’d you get that in there? (laughs) – And I got you some stickers, I got you some cool stickers. – You got me some cool Robby stickers that are available at this, right, (Robby laughs) here?
– It’s over there. – It’s over there? – Down in the description, down below! If you guys want these
stickers you can buy them! Down in the description, down below! And also some googly eyes, just so you know that
I’m always watching you. – This doesn’t have a pupil. – This one doesn’t have a pupil she says, but the other ones are googly eyes, see? I put googly eyes in
there so that you know, that I’m always watching you. – Oh, thank you Robby. – Watching you with my third eye. My googly third eye! My googly fourth eye? (Tori mumbles) – Oh no, your eye fell off! – So many googly eyes. I’m just gonna be a boy full of eyes! An eye full of boys. Do you like your present? – Uh, it’s great! Oh, your eyes fell off. – I’m glad you like your present. – It’s wonderful. – Are you gonna put it on? No, put it on you, not me! – Now you have two hats. – Now I have two hats. Tori Debranski, here,
there’s your present. Put your present on! You like? – Oh, I great. I great! This is very approved. – You like it? – I do! Good job!
– I’m glad you like present. You know what else I got you? – What? – I got you tickles! Tickle her!
(Tori laughs) I’m giving her tickles! So I guess we can say it works! (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) This one seems pretty easy. So we got our toilet paper roll. We got our napkins. I gotta open these up. (growls) Oh, okay, I got our napkin. Put it out like this. And apparently we get
our double-sided tape, and just put it on this bad boy. And another one. Looks like it’s already stuck on there! (laughs) Oops! Just roll it like that. (tape pulling) (air whooshing) I’m too lazy to cut it, so I’m
just gonna keep rolling it, and putting double-sided tape on there. (tape pulling) Woo, there we go. Oh no, I forgot to put the present inside! What am I gonna do for this one? Maybe some Popsicle sticks? Gonna drop those in. That didn’t work. (laughs) Uh, so roll that side up, put those Popsicle sticks in. Gonna put some more stickers. Get in there stickers! Come on! I really should’ve put the stickers in before I started rolling this up Roll the other side. Am I supposed to use ribbon or something? Whoa, I found half of a cookie! (munches) It’s a little stale. (Robby coughs) Ugh, I got crumbs everywhere. I don’t have any ribbon, so
I’m just gonna use this string. Just wrap it around it just like that. Yeah! Perfect! Where the heck are my scissors? I couldn’t find my scissors, so I’m just gonna try cutting
them with these pliers. Uh-huh, come on! Just… Ah, there we go. Now the other side. (cheers happily)
I’m all done. Now I just need to give this to someone. Oh, hey chris! I got you a present. – Oh, forreal? – Here you go. – Thanks. (paper rumbles) – Isn’t it so easy to open? – Dude, there’s like
a lot of tape on this. (paper rumbles) – There you go! Do you like your Christmas present? – Yeah, thank you. – It’s some Popsicle
sticks and my stickers! – That’s cool. – Okay, I’m glad you liked it! (upbeat music) I’m not sure exactly sure how
putting a screw in your phone is Christmas life hack, but I’ll do whatever you say Power Vision. So first thing I gotta do
is break this screw in half. Get my pliers! One on this one, and then, one in this one. I’ve actually done something
very similar to this in another video, so if you guys wanna check that one out, feel free to click here. I don’t exactly know why this is a thing. Ugh, okay, I broke it! (cheers happily) Oh no, it’s all bent. Okay, get my parchment paper. There we go. Then I just put a little
glob of hot glue right there. Okay I’ll stick it in there, and wait for it to dry. I’m gonna blow on it, maybe that’ll help. (blows) Hmm. Now I gotta find a broken screen. Oh this should work. ‘Kay, got a photo of a
cracked screen on my phone, and now we’re gonna glue it on there. And… Boop, there we go! It’s perfect! I broke my phone! Oh no, it came off. Okay, no, go back on there. No, it came off. I’m gonna try this again. Okay, maybe if I just put the
hot glue directly on my phone, that’ll work. (cheers) It’s sticking! Oh no, I cracked my phone! Oh no, this fell off again. Okay, so I know I put a screw
in this instead of a nail, and I’m gonna be making it look
like I hit it with a hammer, but you gotta work with
what you got, okay? So something like this. No! My screen locked. Okay, that should do it. And…. Boop! I think we got a winner! (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) So I think this one’s a little bit silly, considering that the bulbs that I bought already came in container. Uh (laughs). But you know what? If it’s in a life hack video, it has to mean something. I kind of cringed when I saw them put the
Pringles in the bowl. I was like, what are you
doing to those poor Pringles? Yay! Hm, real good! Look, I’m a duck. Quack, quack. Okay, I’ll put these away. Come back here! So theoretically, these
bulbs should fit in here. Three, four. I can only fit three bulbs in this. (laughs) What am I supposed to do with all these? I mean I guess that’s
one way to store bulbs. So, I guess we could say it worked? What am I supposed to
do with all these chips? Well, I guess I better start… (chomps) Oh man. (upbeat music) This one looks pretty easy. I got my cutting board. Oh my god! It slips! What am I supposed to do? We just get our hot glue gun, and put it on the bottom of this baby! Oh, I need more glue. Oh man, that is like
melting my cutting board. This is so messy. I don’t know if I like this. I feel like my cutting board’s
not even gonna sit flat now. Just get on there hot glue! Okay, now I just gotta
wait for this to dry. Maybe if I dry it around,
it’ll cool down faster! Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh. (blows) Is it cool? Oh my god, it works! I should do this with my other crafts! Holy (beep)! Okay guys, you ready? It sticks! (cheering) So I guess we could say it works! What the (beep). Who the heck? (frantic music) Oh! (dramatic music) Oh, hey guys. Future Robby here. Man, that was quite the experience. If you guys want to find
out what happens after that, you guys will have to
watch tomorrow’s video. If you guys like this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up. It looks something like this,
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me do even more fun crafts, I have a whole playlist. I can be doing that. If you guys are new, make sure you hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt, this awesome sweater that
I just came out with, some stickers, or any of my other merch, click right here, or down in
the description down below. Okay guys, love you so much. I’ll see you guys again tomorrow. Peace, love, and wifi. Merry Craftmas!

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