TV Backlight Kit with USB Switch | Inspired LED

This is a demonstration of Inspired LED’s
universal USB TV backlight kit. Working from the back said the TV. The
tools needed for this project are your power supply, flexible LED strip, interconnect cable, cable clamps, USB switch, USB cable and household scissors. Starting with the flexible LED strip, you’re gonna work your way around the back perimeter of the TV. Remove the adhesive from the connector and begin your LED installation. A good starting point is just to the left
to the center plane at the bottom and the TV. Begin working your way around the perimeter and through the corners. Bending the flex around the corners is
simple. Be mindful of the resistors and diodes throughout the strip. Try not to crease the flex directly over these components. Peel the adhesive and bend the flex over
itself. When done properly, forming a right angle should be fairly easy. Continue working your way around the
perimeter, peeling the adhesive as you go. It’s helpful to use a straight edge and draw a guideline around the path you’ll be following. The back of each TV is different. Examine the easiest and flattest route around back side to ensure you know where
you’ll be sticking LED’s before peeling the adhesive. As you reach the end of your LED placement you’ll need to remove the unneeded portion of the LED strip. Throughout the flex strip there are copper ovals every 3 LEDs. These are your cut points. Use your scissors to cut directly to the center those copper ovals. Locate the USB port on the back side of your TV and mount the switch within six inches of the USB input. Plug the standard USB connector into the TV and plug the mini USB into the mini USB input on the switch. Use the interconnect cable to connect the USB switch to the LED strip. Plug one end of the interconnect cable into either connector on the USB switch and the other end in the LEDs. The
access cable can easily be secured into a cable clamp. Wrap the unused cable
into a clamp and mount it to the back side of the TV. Plug your power supply output into the open connector of the USB switch. Hide the access cable in the cable clamp. I was able to use the same clamp but, use the
second clamp in the kit if needed. Plug your power supply into an electrical
outlet and remount your TV onto the wall. Your LEDs will now activate when the TV is powered on. Recessing an outlet behind a wall mounted TV is ideal for hiding cables and power sources. I mounted this TV above the recessed outlet to show you as an example. Having an LED backlit TV makes colors more vivid and drastically reduces eyestrain. If you
have any other installation questions feel free to contact us at


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