Types of Back Pain

What’s the difference between chronic
low back pain and acute low back pain? Right so it’s really a time course right
so you have acute which means pain has been going on for less than four weeks and
then you have chronic and the pains been going on for greater than twelve weeks
that really what tells us between acute and chronic acute pain is something that
will mostly likely experience whether we’re overdoing it moving some furniture
things like that we’ll all experience a little bit of acute pain but and
generally that should resolve within a couple weeks chronic pain is
unfortunately on the rise as we talked about earlier and that’s the kind of
problem that we have and that’s the pain that lasts greater than 12 weeks and in
general more than four days per week. What’s that pain you have if you have it
just in the morning a lot of people just wake up with that stiff back what is
that? Right so you have a couple different types of stiffness in the
morning so if you get up and you’re having a little bit of stiffness and
you’re middle-aged or later in life then that can be osteoarthritis you can think
of osteoarthritis or just kind of regular arthritis it’s kind of a rusty
hinge you kind of have to get up move around and they kind of improves that
that stiffness is kind of less than thirty minutes if you get up and you’re
younger or middle-aged and you have stiffness that’s lasting hours and hours
that’s something we really need investigate and that could be an
inflammatory condition. Okay and what about the mattress how big of a
role does that play? It plays a big role it’s important I get that question a
lot should I spend this much money on mattress I spent the most money on a
mattress life in general for back pain if you have no back pain you can
sleep in whatever position you want we’ve been doing it for all of human
society right but if you have back pain you want to kind of
have a high coil spring mattress kind of a firm mattress and the preferred
sleeping position is on your back so on your back and many of us don’t do that
in the United States the predominant sleeping position is either on one side
or the other sleeping on your sides if you’re gonna do that just take a pillow
between the knees and just maintain a neutral spine neutral spine means your
head is between your shoulders your ears are on top of your shoulders and kind of
over your hips and that your knees are not crossing that’s kind of the best
position. So a firm mattress so what about those I don’t want to say brand
name tempur pedic but if those really mushy that conform to your
body and they’re super expensive. Generally the softer mattresses if you have no
back problems or find if you have a back problem I would suggest a firm mattress.

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