Typing on Dasung Paperlike in Word, PDF, webpages, USB-powered 13.3″ Fina E-ink display monitor

Hello everyboy I am reviewing Dasung Paperlike e-ink monitor I am duplicating my laptop monitor running 800 x 600 resolution The text looks sharp even at this resolution I am using Microsoft Word When I move the cursor it leaves practically no trace I can easily select, bold and center the text. Let me scroll it down a little bit Lets select and move some text around bold it and underline it. Or I can select a word, right-click it and lets say look up a synonym, if I need to. This type of monitor is also good if all you do is just enter or edit data into tables or forms like working with Microsoft Excell So let me fill in the table Here we go. Let me refresh the screen by pressing C button on the monitor So as I am typing, the text looks sharp and clear Let’s say I am compiling a report, so I am going to need some text from PDF documents and websites Let me find and copy some text from a PDF So, as I scroll down, the text is sharp and very readable I found some text that I am going to copy and paste into my Word document Ok, so let me paste it in So, again text looks sharp and very clear Ok, lets refresh the screen Now I am going to add some text to my document from a website As I scroll a webpage, the text looks sharp So I found something that I would like to copy to my Word document Let me copy and paste that Here we go Let me refresh the screen one more time So I have my complied document And if I scroll it it, it looks sharp with very little so called “ghosting” Well, for a job like typing, editing and compiling text e-ink monitor works very well Its so easy for the eyes to type using it, since it has no backlight Eyes are not getting sore or irritated even after long hours Well, thank you for watching


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