UK HealthCare: Mission-Vision-Values

Our medical center and network of care
providers are known and respected around the world—but at UK HealthCare we know
that our paramount responsibility is right here—in Kentucky caring for our
patients and their families. Our hospitals, clinics and partners practice the most advanced, most effective medicine found anywhere in the world. UK HealthCare is committed to the pillars of academic health care: research, education and clinical care. It’s our mission to dedicate ourselves every day to the people of our Commonwealth. That means strengthening local health care partnerships around the state, serving as an information resource and offering cutting-edge services on par with the nation’s best. And if our mission is
about what we do, our vision is about what we will become: one of the nation’s
best medical centers, so that the people of our state can get high-quality, cost-efficient care in a wide range of specialties and subspecialties. Care that’s close to their homes and families. Fidelity to our mission and our vision
has brought us a long way, but our greatest challenges lie ahead. We’ve adopted five key values: principles to guide us as we go forward. We want to share those with you now. Our first value is Diversity. Medicine is all about helping people—all kinds of people. We honor and respect different experiences
and perspectives. We promote cultural sensitivity and social awareness. We’re committed to making things better— to recognizing unconscious bias and to
overcoming barriers. Our next value is Innovation. We embrace continual learning
and improvement in quality, safety and service. We want to be visionaries, with
a passion for discovery and new ideas. We are leveraging our expertise,
research and resources to become a highly reliable and error-free
organization. Our third value is Respect— which is all about the way we treat our
patients, our community, ourselves and the resources entrusted to us. We advocate for those we serve. We sustain the highest standards of
professional behavior and ethics. We’re committed to honesty, transparency,
dependability, confidentiality and trust. We earn respect, and we give it. The next value underlies our empathy for the needs, thoughts and feelings of our patients and each other. Compassion. We show kindness to everyone. We do our best to relieve suffering and promote well-being. Compassion is why we embrace patient and family-centered care, and why we encourage a welcoming and
caring environment. Finally —and not least—Teamwork. The relationships we build create the outcomes we seek. So we collaborate, communicate and share information. We are accountable for our own actions and how they impact others. We maintain an interprofessional approach to care that includes and empowers all members of our team. More than 10,000 of us work at UK
HealthCare and we’re as different as can be. We each have our own dreams, hopes, strengths and weaknesses, but we know we can count on each other. That’s because we have a shared mission, a shared vision
and a shared set of values. Our community and Commonwealth need the care we provide. We’re up to that challenge. We’re worthy of their trust. We are UK HealthCare. And together, we are powerful.

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