UKISCRS Preview 2019

Gill Wood here from UKISCRS
Secretariat and Event Manager It’s nearly here! The 43rd Annual
Congress of UKISCRS next week at the Juries Inn Hinkley Island Hotel for
those delegates coming to the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 18.5 CPD points.
We’ve got our young ophthalmologists covered of course with corneal dry
labs and two other sessions. Both really interesting and both very different. Well
worth a visit. We’ve got our other professions covered on Thursday with a
didactic session on cataract pathway in the morning and then in the afternoon
and they’ve also got their own dry lab and both of which have been supported by
Thea Pharmaceuticals and Bausch + Lomb so I’d love to give them a thank-you and
a mention. For the main program Thursday and Friday we have got everything from
breakfast with the experts, Professor Johnny Moore and Philip Bloom
giving expert advice straight from the heart over brekkie to room 101 with our
very own Judge Dredd Brian Little. I’m not going to give any spoilers on that
session. We got the Choyce Medal Lecture, Julian Stephens. The Pierce Medal
Lecture Oliver Findl. We’ve got the Plenary
Symposium which is Professor Philip Bloom’s first year as their president at
the annual meeting this year and that’s on intraocular lens solutions for
presbyopia. We’ve also got a Smorgasbord Session and and we’re not just touching
on anterior segment this year. We’re talking about premium lenses in the
presence of other pathologies, to include dementia, retinal, glaucoma, so we really
have got a huge programme to give to everybody. I’m very excited. I’m in no
makeup and get ready mode and surrounded by boxes and everything to bring to
Hinkley next week. We’ve got in excess of 200 delegates registered already and I
can’t wait to see everybody there. Everybody’s welcome to the gala dinner.
It should be a fabulous night. A little bit of surprise entertainment and of
course I look forward to seeing Eye News there. I will see you next week and take
care. Bye

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