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Hello, my name is Beatriz. I am a pharmacy student at the University of Costa Rica and I’m currently working towards achieving the green SDG number three Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing in amblyopic children Have you heard about lazy bear? I’m sorry. I wanted to say lazy eye Lazy eye or amblyopia is an eye disease that affects between 2 and 5 percent of the population It’s usually little known to people and it’s the most common cause of monocular visual impairment I created a Facebook page where I offer an integral information about amblyopia, I mean how to detect Causes consequences tips. I carry out research that I have presented at international level to improve the role of clinical Pharmacists in patient therapy compliance. The first is to put the information of the Facebook page at the service of the community through direct and real contact by organizing visual health campaigns The goal is to offer visual therapies, and the necessary means to facilitate Children’s Learning and Development the Second is to use a scientific research As input to develop a pharmaceutical care program where the pharmacist provides help and support For children and parents so that their treatment and recovery are successful. I love this topic and it brings me a lot of happiness to see when parents are informed about the condition when children are motivated To follow the treatment and in the end it all comes down to achieving the goal that is to detect it early, Managed to recover the eye and avoid consequences later It represents a great satisfaction for me as a health student and future professional to know that with my knowledge and help I can be a talent for change and that’s why I’m passionate about working in this SDG.

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