Upton Reveals a Painful Memory – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

I just wanted to check in
on you. See how you’re holding up. Is it okay if I sit down? How old were you
when they started? – When what started? – The beatings. – I don’t know. Five. Six. – Your dad, he beat
your mom, too, right? – Yeah. That’s why I had to move. – When was it the worst? Morning? Night? For me, it was worst
on the weekends. My dad… [tense music] Would start drinking early. Like, noon. He’d just sit around… getting more and more
pissed off. My brothers and I,
we were just kids, you know? We wanted to have fun. ♪ And it drove him crazy. So he’d pick a fight
with my mom, saying that we were
being too loud. She’d defend us,
because she always did. So he’d go after her. And then he’d come after us… with anything he could get
his hands on. Belt…
extension cord. – You ever think
about killing yourself? ♪ – Yeah. But I didn’t,
because I’m strong like you. – Hailey’s good. This cop thing
doesn’t work out, she should think
about being an actor. Damn. – Sometimes I get
this…anger inside of me. It’s like a need for revenge,
you know? Like I want someone else to
feel the pain that I felt. Do you know
what I’m talking about? – I do. – Feels good to let it out,
doesn’t it? – Yeah. [sniffs]
Until it’s over. And then you hate yourself
even more. – You need to remember
that it’s not your fault. Your dad made you this way.
He made you violent. ♪ Everybody makes mistakes. You didn’t know that lady was
gonna be home. When you saw her there,
you probably got scared. She probably got scared. – Yeah.
She got scared. She hit me. – So you hit her back. – Yeah. With the crowbar. I wanted her to stop
screaming and crying. ♪ – Devin, were you alone? Or was someone else with you? – No, it was just me. I’m s–I’m so sorry. – I know. – [sobbing] I’m sorry. – I know. ♪

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