Use A Drop Of This Oil To Improve Your Vision Naturally

Essential oils have been used for centuries
in aromatherapy, massages or even for medicinal purposes. The liquid extracted from flowers, plants,
seeds, trees and even roots are considered valuable because they are much more concentrated
than the plant or flower itself. For this reason, essential oils are recommended
for several different types of treatment. Terry Friedmann is a doctor who wrote a report
on how he allegedly regained his sight and got rid of his glasses after having used essential
oils. The treatment called for sandalwood and juniper
essential oils to be applied around the eyes, on the cheek, and above the eyebrow. He also says he took some supplements but
firmly believes that the essential oils were responsible for the improvement. There are several other oils that can be very
beneficial for your vision. In today’s video, we’re going to show you
some of them. But before you go on, click on the Like button
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and reach more people! Here are the best essential oils for vision: Sage Oil
This oil is often used to improve vision and treat eye strain and tired eyes. Helichrysum oil
Helps reduce and eliminate blurry vision, acts as an antioxidant and improves nervous
tissue and macular degeneration. Lavender Oil
Like Helichrysum oil, it helps reduce blurred vision, improve circulation, promote cell
growth, and eliminate dry eyes. Cypress Oil
It improves blood circulation to the eyes and is beneficial in the treatment of macular
degeneration. Lemongrass Oil
Known to stimulate circulation and dilate blood vessels, promoting oxygenation and improving
the health of eye tissue. Peppermint Oil
Provides oxygenation to the eyes and is rich in beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin A
and C. But before applying remember to always buy
therapeutic grade oils, as these retain all the beneficial properties of the plant and
are indicated for that purpose. Just like any other oil, it’s recommended
that you dilute the essential oil in an oil such as coconut oil. Do not apply oils directly to the eyes.


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