Using the Stimplus Pro to Treat Shoulder Pain

Hi I’m Kimberly Thompson and I’m going to show you a treatment protocol that I use in my
clinic on a regular basis using Auriculo 3D for shoulder pain. I have a lot of patients who come in
with chronic pain and after I do a regular treatment on the body, I like
to seal the deal by adding auriculotherapy into the end. So the first thing I do, is pull up
my shoulder pain protocol and then I use this Stimplus and I find the points that are
electrically active, like that is a place that I would,
that I would treat. From here I can, I can actually push and treat with the Stimplus and I also
leave an indentation I’m going to just find a few more points here, here’s another one, and I’m going to treat and leave a little indentation. And I’m going to go to the next one. And I’m going to treat and leave an indentation. And I check multiple points in the
shoulder pain protocol but what I have found is that, if I put ear seeds on the points where I’ve
left the indentation and actually put the seed on the ear, and for this patient I will put 3 seeds in this area. This follows the muscular, or the… this follows the chart of the shoulder
joint, the master shoulder point and the master
plan the upper limbs. So you’ll notice that I put ear
seeds on the front of the ear. A little trick to add to your practice is once you put the seeds on the
front on the ear, if you will add a seed in the exact same location on the back of the ear, all the way down if there’s three on the front, there will be three in the back. I then send the patient home, and and ask them to push on the points
themselves in between times before they come in to
see me the next week. So if I were sending Dr. Larsen home, and he got home this evening and he felt
that shoulder pain beginning to come back, I would ask him to press on those
points and move his shoulder around and by the
time he comes back the next time, he has never allowed his shoulder to be
completely constricted again, because he has opened the flow of energy each time he pushes on the needles. And the best part about it is, once I am
done treating and I’ve had my patient on the table and they’re done if they get up and they have that little
bit of extra pain, I put the seeds on and then I ask them
while I’m pushing, “Can you move your arm?” I’ll actually push on them, and I’ll have them move their arm and ask them to recreate the pain and
their typical response is their jaw drops and they just look at me and say,
“how did you do that?” So it’s very effective, I get tons of
referrals into my clinic for chronic shoulder pain and my secret is Auriculo 3D with ear
seeds on the front and the back.


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