Valentine’s Day Flowers Taste Test

Today we stop and eat
the roses. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning. Mythical beasts,
it is Valentine’s week. So today is the first
of three very special love
themed episodes. Now, it’s not
Valentine’s Day yet, but it’s nearly
Valentine’s Day so this is gonna be
a nearly romantic episode. – Right.
– And what’s more nearly
romantic than – animals making babies?
– Nearly nothing. That’s why we’ll be
guessing animal
mating calls. – Uh-oh.
– But, that’s not all’s
y’alls. Valentine’ Day is
also about attraction, and what’s more
attractive than
magnets, so we’re gonna don
full magnet body suits. And push the very limits
of attraction. That’s later.
First, well… – we’re eating flowers.
– ( laughter ) It’s time for… Okay, there are a lot
of flowers that are
technically edible, but I’m assuming there’s
a wipe gap between technically edible
and good. Uh, but we’re gonna
determine if they’re good and then we’ll
rank them from
best to worst. Right, and the worst
will be “Valent-iarrhea?” Then “Vomit-ines,”
“Valiant-ine effort,” – “Valenfines,”
– Okay. “Valen-tasty,”
“Valen-time of my life” – Uh-oh.
– Or “Valentine’s Day-um!” – Whoa-ho-ho!
– That one’s good. That’s a good flower! All right,
and the first one
we’re gonna be tasting is Rose.
Um… I’ve heard of making
rose water. I’ve had it
and I love it. I love–
I almost always choose
floral tasting things if they are on
a menu. – Really?
– So I’m a big fan of
the floral taste, but I typically don’t
just eat the flower
directly. – But it is in some dishes.
– It’s an indirect flavor. Now, so, pluck it,
dink it, taste it. Pluck it. That’s a good smelling
thing though. ( sniffing )
Dang, though, it smell
like romance. Spread that all over
your floor. Romance will follow. – Tart.
– Ooh, yeah. – Wow.
– Ah! Are you sure this is okay? – ( laughter )
– ‘Cause I could swear
it was poison. But if this is what
it tastes like to be poisoned, I don’t know what
it tastes like to be poisoned. In this form,
it tastes like grass
all of a sudden, like bad bitter grass. Is there a way to
half taste them? Yeah, just like get
some spit in your mouth and make some rose water. Oh, gosh! Look what
color it turned in
my mouth! Lookit, purple. – Oh, gosh!
– ( laughter ) You got purple tongue. I got the purple tongue! Is that how they
make purple dye? I don’t know but
it wasn’t good. I hope some of
these are good,
gracious. I mean, I want to start
this one off at a seven. Hoping that everything’s
uphill from here. Okay, I love rose
flavored things though. But I agree with you,
the eating it straight and turning them purple
was not fun. – I’ll just put it
at five for now.
– Okay… all right. Now, let’s move on to… ♪ Carnation instant
breakfast ♪ Both: ♪ You’re gonna
love it in an instant ♪ – Are we though?
– ( laughter ) Rhett: Okay. These don’t smell
as good as a rose. Maybe they’ll taste
better. There’s one for you. Now, it’s not gonna
turn purple in our mouth ’cause it’s white.
Like, maybe the dye– It’s not dye,
I know that. Whatever makes
the rose so brightly
colored. Maybe that was
the bitter tasting, maybe this is
gonna be nice? Yeah, and I– and it
looks like something
you get at Jo-Ann’s. – It looks fake.
– Just– You know how flowers
look fake? I’m just getting one
after that lesson
we learned. Yeah, that’s true. – Not bad at all.
– It’s good, actually. – It’s sweet.
– Man. – It tastes of the honeysuckle.
– I could fill up on these. ( laughter ) And by the way,
that is why we’re
doing this. We’re starving. So during the apocalypse
flower shops are gonna
be a hot spot. – Mm.
– It’s like 48 hours after
the apocalypse starts This is a good–
do you taste the
honeysuckleness? Yeah. It has a
honeysuckle anatomy too, to the bottom,
you see that? It looks like
a honeysuckle part
right there. Now a bee,
I think a bee be
really into this. I can’t imagine a flower
being better than this,
honestly. You wanna leave
a little room. Leave a little room. Leave a little room,
put it at number two. Reserve the right
to change it up. – Uh, this is “chamamillie.”
– I’m familiar with this one. Now, they, they, turned
chamomile into tea, but… I didn’t know it
looked like this. Sleepy time.
Makes you get
a little sleepy. – It calms you down.
– Where are the flowers?
They’re so small. – Don’t eat– don’t eat–
– They don’t smell. These are the one’s you’re
supposed to eat over here. Oh, okay. Um, so I think this
is a full flower situation. Just… okay. ( laughter ) Is that too much? Should you not have
done that? Go lighter. Okay, I’m just gonna do– I’m just gonna do
a flower. – Uh.
– That was unnecessary. Oh, my–
Oh, my worse. – It’s strong– it’s strong.
– Rhett: Oh, gosh, it’s strong! Oh, that’s why
the flowers are
so small. – ( coughing )
– Oh, we gotta cut this. We gotta cut it down
to just a very, very small– – ( groaning )
– Rhett: Get just a petal. – I can’t– I can’t.
– Oh, gosh! I sure picked the wrong
one to munch on like
a cow. I– I–
it’s frozen my
face innards. My face innards
aren’t functioning
anymore, – like it’s closing down.
– I’m just getting petals. – It’s still so strong.
– It tastes like perfume, like, like, you’re walking
through Dillard’s and somebody just went
( spray sound ) right
in your mouth. Dillard’s, huh? You know, the, uh… what are you talking about? – Macy’s?
– I don’t go to Dillard’s. ( chuckles ) Dill-ard’s?
Did I say it wrong? – Um-
– Uh, I don’t know what
to tell you because– This is horrible,
but it’s good in a tea? Are we– are we tasting it
to see if how the flower
is to eat? Or are we just tasting
the flavor profile
of the flower? Both.
And it’s horrible. Yeah, I think it’s got–
I mean, it doesn’t
work like this. – No, it doesn’t work.
– It’s worse than a rose. Yes, it is.
It’s too pungent. It’s too pungent in just
raw flower form. – Okay, “Vomit-ine’s.”
– Six. All right, uh,
how about a snapdragon. – Oh, gosh.
– That’s a pretty flower. Oh, here’s the ones
that we’re gonna eat. That is nice looking. There’s not a lot
of smell to it. – Mmm.
– I think we can go
hard on these. I’m kind of nervous. Well, you went hard
last time let me go hard this time. Just give me one. – I don’t know.
– I kind of feel like
I can do like a– I think you should eat
this part and not that part. Not the greenishness
part. Eat the fully ripened
petals, like this. I kinda just want to
go like this. That was a good trick. Whoa. – There’s a meatiness.
– It tastes like a freaking
salad. – It does.
– It tastes like a freaking
salad with dressing. How did it get dressing? And the, texture
is very meaty. Oh, my goodness! Snap! Oh, snap… dragon. ( laughter ) That’s good. It’s not as good
as the carnation. No way, what?
What? Taste the carnation again. Okay, it is getting
a little overrun. but I did have
a whole stalk. Yeah, if you’d eaten
one at a time, there’s a hint of
sweetness that– that I guess you think
is dressing. Give me a part of
that carnation again, because I’m really
conflicted about this. ‘Cause I’m saying
this should be three. It’s not quite as
good as a carnation. There’s no instant
breakfast in that. You’re right,
carnation’s better. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – There is no ranch on that.
– Put it at three. Okay.
Moving along. – Chrysanthemum
– These are common faire. Common faire in flower
arrangements. But there’s somebody who
has named their kid this. Oh, yeah, hopefully they
call him or her Chris
for short. Now, let me tell you
a little something about
Chrysanthemums. – ( sighs )
– Um, you never want to give
someone just these. This is a complimentary
flower, okay? Trust me. I’ve ended three
relationships. You wanna see a big
I love you flower. This is supposed to
surround of meaning. These are flowers of
“meh,” you know what
I’m saying? It’s kinda like,
“Oh, this is definitely–” or you want to friend zone
somebody? Get ’em a pile
of chrysanthemums. A pile of them.
Just pile it up. Pile up that friendship
zone. I’m gonna just
( pops tongue )
all the way. Dink it. ( laughter ) Oh. Oh. Yeah, they taste,
like they look. – Yellow?
– Yeah. – Um…
– It doesn’t taste great. – No.
– So, it’s like, it’s a
totally disregardable taste. – It’s– I would say it’s
a little perfumey.
– Rhett: You know what? – Yeah.
– It’s not– what you’re
saying is, – it’s not bad, and it’s
not good.
– Yeah. It’s a chrysanthemum. The middle slide
is open and begging for a little
chrysanthemum love. Yeah, “Valen-fines.” – That’s perfect.
– You know, I was actually
nervous about how, – there was gonna be any way
to delineate these.
– Differentiate, yeah. But… I mean,
they are so different. All right,
moving along. You got the next one?
Sunflower? Now we know you can
eat a sunflower, right? Look at that thing. You can eat the seeds
at least. Yeah, the seed’s in there. What? It’s that
black thing? Is where the seeds
are hiding? That’s the seeds
right there, you pull
them out and it’s just like
your big league game. I don’t think so. I don’t–
No, there’s no seeds
in there, dude. The seeds don’t come
from the flowers? I’m not botanist… Maybe they already
happened. I think the seeds have
already happened. Maybe the seeds
have already left. It’s just like us,
it can no long procreate. – Yup.
– Okay. – Um.
– Man, how much of this
are we… I don’t want to
just eat it like a bird. It’s just so inviting. Yeah, it’s kind of
like a Portobello
mushroom. – type of situation.
– They’re so moist. Like you’re getting
hit with flower water. – Dink it.
– ( crunching ) Um… no. ( laughter ) – It tastes like–
– Hold on, hold on!
It’s citrusy. It tastes like
a cheap spa smells, you know what I’m saying. It tastes like
a cheap spa smells. Like a spa that’s
got a $20 massage deal. Oh, ooh! When you
really get into it, – it turns really bad too.
– Yeah, right, uh-huh. Just like those $20 spas. The seeds, the seeds
hogged all the good tasties. – ( spitting ) Not good.
– Uh. Not good,
but it’s no chamomile. – ( spitting )
– I mean, it’s not as bad
as chamomile. – Chamomile is a–
– And it’s not…
( stammers ) – It’s worse than rose.
– It is worse than rose. We’re going with six. So now we’re either
shifting the whole scale
on the final one, – which is heather.
– Heather? Or we’re sodding it in
somewhere. All right, heather,
I bet someone has named
their kid this. – ( laughter )
– Yeah, probably. Which came first, though? The chicken. – Uh…
– It doesn’t smell good
at all. – I guess I can smell this one.
– Heather doesn’t smell good. – Ooh!
– I’ve always thought that. – Heather smells like a wet dog.
– I know. – Let me smell your heather.
– Sometimes I think, you know, I should talk
to Heather about
the way she smells. Ooh! I’m smelling
wet dog. Really? It does not
smell good at all. And I don’t know…
it’s almost got an
herbiness– like I don’t know
where to… That looks like
dill almost. But I’m just gonna grab– Link: Is this in
the dill weed family. So I’ve got all of that. The variety–
first of all,
the variety of flowers in the world alone
is enough to make me want to go back
to school. Whoo! That’s bitter!
Gah! – Gah!
– Did you get some
of the green? You got some of
the green. I’m not
getting any of the green. – Is that a problem?
– Yeah. – Just get the flowers.
– ( spitting ) Uh! – ( swishing water )
– Heather is bland. ( spitting )
So you just got
the white parts. – Like the…
– Heather is so bland. – the larva?
– Heather is so forgettable. So, if you get
the green part, you’re in a world
of hurt. I mean, it’s like nothing. It has developed
no flavor. So we’re gonna slide
this in right in here? Yes, yes, somewhere
in there. – Four and a half?
– I mean, we’re basically
shifting all of these. Shift it.
Shift it, shift it. All right, so now
we are crowning snapdragon the second tastiest flower
to our palate. The only two worth
eating on a regular basis straight are snapdragon
and carnation, but carnation slightly
edges out snapdragon as the best edible flower
according to “Good Mythical Morning.” Congratulations,
Carnation Instant Breakfast. You’ve don it again. – Yup.
– Keep watching to see us
wear suits made completely
out of magnets. Link:A wise person once said,
“Listen to your heart.
You know what else has heart?
Our podcast, “Ear Biscuits.”
Listen to that.New episode available today,on Apple podcast and wherever
podcasts are available.


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