Vision Zero

Cars, a passion for peole all over the world.
Cars are a symbol of freedom, social and cultural progress. Mobility means economic growth and
prosperity, but there is a flip side. Economic growth leads to increase traffic
with mean more traffic congestion, more noise and more air pollution, and more critically,
increase traffic means more deaths and serious injuries . Every year almost 1.2 million people
die on the worlds roads. Why then is safety so often ignored? For some reason we seemed
to be more tolerant of death if it happens on the roads. If you take a nuclear power
station, if you take aviation, if you take the rail system, all of them are based on
that they should be operated by people who can make a mistake. Some would argued that
this higher tolerance is the price we have to pay for mobility. We disagree. There is
no moral justification for any loss of life in traffic. We need to understand as a society
that we can demand freedom and mobility and we can demand safety at the same time. This
approach is what the Vision Zero is all about, no loss of life is acceptable, The figure
zero has changed the mindset. Traditionally transport system are design for maximum capacity.
It is the drivers fault if something goes wrong. The Vision Zero takes the opposite
approach. You have to take the human and our behavior into account when you decide the
road transport system. It is understanding that we will never be perfect. The Vision
Zero focus on traffic systems, placing more responsibility for safe on system design,
management and leadership. We have done simple things like barriers with common traffic in
built up areas with changing pedestrian soil I mean quite simple things. You always come
back to the very basic principles and they can be applied everywhere, wherever you go.
Well done, does this vision applied to reality you might wonder? The answer is yes, it works
extremely well. Traffic in Sweden has increased dramatically since the nineteen fifties. Yet
recording traffic fatalities have continue to decrease and felt an all time low into
two thousand and nine. Also the Vision Zero approach has produce a ripple of positive
effects, throughout society. Now we can see gradualy that safety is become much more
commercial, peoples demand for safer vehicles and safer systems in their vehicles is exploding out there. Is not complicated to cross all aplied to Vision Zero the basic thinking can be sumarised in one symple sentence: IN EVERY SITUATION A PERSON MIGHT FAIL, THE ROAD SYSTEM SHOULD NOT. Every crash with serious injurys or fatalaties is something you need to carefuly look and
say waht was wrong here? What should I have done, not the citizen, what should I have
done as a professional and responsable person in the system. That is the real demand we
need to put on ourselves as professionals out there

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