We Got Vasectomies Together

– We got a bro-sectomy. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – We both have a beautiful
brood of children, and we love them very much,
but at a certain point, it’s time to say enough is enough, and get your junk snuffed. – Now for those of you who don’t know, a vasectomy is when the
doctor cuts some little tubes in your McDonald’s ball pit, as a permanent birth control method. – What kind of ball pit only has two? That’s a lame ball pit.
– Mine. But you know what, it’s also a great time to connect with your best friend. – Yeah it is, so what
we did is we documented the entire procedure and process
of us getting vasectomies, not at the exact same time,
but in rapid succession, while being in the same room with each other the whole time. And we brought cameras along, which means, mythical
beasts, we brought you along. – Now word of warning,
we are not going to show any of the actual parts
during the procedure, so this isn’t like watching
a medical procedure. But, there is a lot of talk
about male reproductive organs, because that’s basically all
that was being dealt with in the ball pit. So if that kind of talk, a
lot of that kind of talk, makes you feel uncomfortable,
or you don’t want to hear that then feel free to click
away, but if you’re into that kind of thing,
today is your lucky day. – So we invite you to
join us on a field trip to get vasectomies Let’s do it. – Okay, it’s 40 minutes
until the appointment, whoever goes first has to take a Valium. – Well I’d like to go first. – Well I wanna go first. I’m not calm right now. – Rock, paper, scissors. – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Ha ha ha, ho, wooh! – For a second I thought I won. – No, rock beats scissors
man, I’m going first, you’re going to have to watch me. – Before you take it, you’re
gonna have to sit there and create internetainment
while I get the surgery done, the procedure, let’s
not call it a surgery. – I’m gonna let you do that. – You know by me going
second, I’m realizing, it drastically increases the chances That I’m gonna bail out of this entirely. – Yeah, that’s why I’m going first, ’cause I want to be the infertile one. The infertile one. Did you shave? – No I didn’t. I was like, I’m not gonna shave for this. Oh, I thought you were
talking about my face. – I’m talking about your balls, man. – No, he said we didn’t have to. – He said we don’t have to shave, but the sheet that he gave
us said you need to shave. – I didn’t read the sheet. Time to take the edge off. – This bottle has my name on it. I took yours, you took mine. – [Link] I don’t think they’re special. – Should we tell the doctor? – I don’t think so. (ominous music) – [Receptionist] Hi, how are you? – Hey, we’re Rhett and Link,
we’re here for the bro-sectomy. – Oh cool. Sounds fun, let me let your nurse know you guys are here, okay. – You’ll be right in here, okay guys. You’re first, right, so I’m gonna ask you to completely undress
yourself, everything. Then you’re gonna put
your clothes right there, and you’re gonna put this gown with the opening towards
the back, but do not tie it. Then you’re gonna have
a seat and you can put this white drape on your lap, and I’m gonna come back to
set you up for the rest. – What is that a shot
of right there, though, am I gonna drink that? – [Nurse] No, this is
to sterilize the field right before we do anything. – This is the field? – [Nurse] Yes, that’s the field. – Never called it the field before, but I do play on it. – My dad just texted me
asking what I’m doing. I’m getting a vasectomy, will talk later. Hate to keep him waiting,
now he’ll just be worried. When he got a vasectomy, he was like, one of mine swelled up afterwards
the size of a grapefruit. – It won’t. Alrighty guys, I’ll be back in two. – Is it too late to back out? (dramatic music) – Yeah, I’d love to go first. – No, just, permanently. – Oh, you took your underwear off already? I’m not taking mine off until I have to. – Hey man, this is the last time you’ll ever work properly. After this, you’re gonna
be like a gun they use on a film set, shooting blanks. I’m think I’m starting
to feel the effects. – That’s that pill talking. – Everything’s gonna be okay. I don’t even have a lower half of my body. I’m just a torso and a head
and arms, that’s all I am. – Alright here we go, hello. – Hello.
– Hey doc. – Wow, you’re ready to go. We’re going to start the process by doing a little prep. Uh oh, he’s getting nervous. It’s like, whoa, these
guys are checking me out. Alright, legs together. – I’ve already seen it twice man. – Really?
– By accident. – [Doctor] Was it
pre-puberty or post-puberty? – No, just right now. – You know, for all of you out there, let me kind of walk you all through this. – You talking to the mythical beasts? – The first, the preparation,
like often when you do any kind of project, is most important. And people are probably
wondering, what is this for? That’s to keep Mr. Happy
out of the way and happy. – So you’re giving them
an instructional video so that they can do this at home? – Absolutely. – This has become a YouTube tutorial. – How to perform your own vasectomy. – Full disclosure, don’t do it. Okay, here we go, so now I’m
gonna take this little razor, and you may think this
is gonna be horrible, but these are kind of designed
for a little dry shave, and I’m just gonna shave off
a little quarter size here. Just a lil, that’s it, hurt? – Oh gah gah, yeah. – Okay, one more thing. – Feeling any draft down there? – I feel nothing but draft. That whole thing about how I
thought that the lower half of my body was just another
part of the universe disassociated with me, doesn’t really work once it’s exposed to air. – Alright, so I’m just
gonna do a little exam, I’m feeling around, one last sterile feel. – Do you feel that? You’ve touched your own balls before, can’t be any different
having him touch ’em. – It’s a little different. – I’m actually not touching his balls, I’m touching his scrotum,
let’s get anatomically correct. – Did you find ’em yet? – Little pinch and a burn, boom. (Rhett grunts) There we go, another Rosco. You’re gonna feel a little puncture, there it is, do you feel that? – I can’t tell. – Well that’s the idea I guess. – So you just popped his balloon? – I just made a little
puncture in the skin. – He’s made the hole. – So you do one hole and get both sides? – I can’t tell you how I do that. – Is that patented? – That is correct. So you’re gonna feel something, may feel a little more, here we go. Also just for those of
you lovelies at home, once you have a vasectomy,
it will make no difference in the quantity of semen, since sperm only represents about five
percent quantitatively of what is in the semen. – So the mailman is gonna
be delivering packages? – Well he’s gonna be delivering packages, but the packages will be empty. – What did that feel like Rhett? – Did you look?
– No, I ain’t looking. – Do you have it out right now? – We’re getting the lay of the land here. – I heard a snip. – [Doctor] The clamp is okay. – [Link] What does it feel like coming? – I feel like a pulling, a
little pressure and some pulling. ♫ A little pressure and some pulling – All is going well. – I feel like you’re
doing it to me already. ♫ I feel like I need some kind of song ♫ To sing to myself to make me feel good – We will now clip the proximal
limb of the vas deferens, and that’s now done. – I saw a little bit of a cord. – Hold me Link.
– That is clammy man. ♫ This is how we do it. – I’m now going to
cauterize your vas deferens. You will not only hear
the sound of cautery. I’m going to actually, – You’re burning it. – The smell is usually the most memorable. What do they say like– – 80 percent of taste,
I feel like I’m tasting my own balls, right now. – It just hit me, I’ve
never wanted to smell your balls before, definitely
not from the inside. – You should see the guys
shooting your camera. – Don’t lock your knees
guys, whatever you do. – [Doctor] I don’t think
they’re gonna make it. – It kind of smells like marshmallows. – Ew.
– Like marshmallows that went too far. – Bust out the graham
crackers and chocolate bars. – Don’t please. – All I can see is his
hand plunging a needle into your nutsack.
(Rhett calls out) ♫ This is how the doctor does it ♫ It’s gonna be okay ♫ I’m gonna walk out of here a whole man – Not really. – Hang in there. – Would it help if I bit your– – It would help if you just
kind of stroke his hair. – I need to touch another human. I know this is weird Link. – What the stroking of one’s hair, or the watching of one’s
vasectomy, which is weirder? – I’ve never stroked his hair like that. – Describe what it feels like,
because I’d like to know. – It feels like I had a yo-yo down there, and I didn’t know about
it until the doctor pulled it out, like a Duncan special. – Ooh, he’s burning again. – Now he’s burning the yo-yo string. – By the way, do we wanna
actually for posterity and fame show people the piece of vas deferens. – Absolutely, yes. – [Doctor] This would
be it, it’s like a piece of al dente pasta. – [Rhett] Oh it sure is. – I’m really sorry to tell you this, but the party is now coming to an end. – Mmmm, just saw the wiener again. – There it is. – I’ve reached my quota of three. Wrap this man up and
get him off the table. – I made it look easy,
but it was pretty tough. – Are you okay? Are you getting lightheaded or anything? – A little bit, but,
– Oh boy. I think you’re gonna
need that Demerol shot. – Let’s just see what, – I’m gonna give you that Demerol shot. – Let’s just see what happens. – Thank you doctor. That was exhilarating. I’d do it again if I had four balls. – Can I give you two of mine? Ow, ow, ow.
– It’s the medication, it burns a little bit. – How quick does it take effect? – You’ll see the difference
once he start, you know. – [Rhett] Oh I’m sure I will. – The thing is you go your
whole life instinctively protecting these berries,
and now here I am just spreading my legs,
putting ’em on a platter for some guy that I just met once to fondle, poke, prod, and
pull, snip, burn, and chuff, and then pat me on the back. It’s just not natural. – Well yeah, but it’s not
like he’s a sushi chef. He’s a doctor, he’s been educated in this. He’s done this before, he’s
already done this today, to me, and another guy. – How long ago did he get it? – I don’t think it’s,
– 10 minutes. – I don’t think I’m fully
feeling anything yet. – You’re getting there,
you’re doing great, you’re a champ. Alright, once again, we tape the happy guy up on the belly there to
keep him out of the way. – Oh, there it is. – Have you seen? – [Doctor] Do you want
him to see your wiener? – Yeah. So I’ve got two of ’em. – You still got two, and
I’m just kind of, you know, getting the lay of the
land, feeling around here. A little pinch and a burn, boom. – I’m gonna watch. – Alright, he’s all over it. Okay, so you’re gonna,
you may feel a little bit of that tugging, you may feel it in your abdomen a little bit. – This is the yo-yo part. – Yeah, it’s just a little
bit of a weird sensation. You alright? – Can you imagine getting on a public bus, looking back and seeing
this happen in the back? – What is he saying? – You walk into the back,
– It’s the Demerol. – It’s taking effect.
– It’s the Demerol – Yeah, ooh, that f–, ooh,
ooh, that’s gross feeling. – Gross feeling?
– It feels like you’re taking my testicle and
shoving it up into my pelvis. – I am. – It is interesting that one
of the balls is completely out. – Oooh, this spot right here is notable. – You need to stroke my hair? – I feel like.
– I’m here to be stroked if you need that. If that makes you feel better. Don’t grab, just stroke. – Oh shoot, shoot. Now listen kids, – Oh, this is a kids show? – They take the van around,
and they put the dogs in, and then they shave ’em. And that’s what this could
be like if we were in a bus. – Alright, there’s that vas deferens. – Oooh, the buzzing of
burning of my scrotum. – Oh wow, it’s actually the
cauterization that cuts it. – Numero uno. – Yes.
– Yours is redder than mine. – Why is mine redder than his? – Less use. – Alright, another
little pinch and a burn. (Link makes high-pitched sounds) – Why don’t you sing a song. ♫ Once upon a time, I was
laying with my nuts out ♫ And a guy walked up and
said, ooh, what’s that feeling ♫ Oooh, it feels funny ♫ I’m just waiting to never make a baby ♫ But to make a lot of
love not worrying about ♫ Having to make a baby – That’s a good one, that’s good. ♫ I’m just waiting ♫ To not make a baby ♫ I’m just waiting to make a lot of love ♫ Without making a baby ♫ Ooooh yeah, baby – Numero dos. – Oh man, it’s over. Clean-up time, one more chance for alc– – It was nothing, right. – I would say it was something, because it was not comfortable. – I mean it wasn’t
pleasant, I wouldn’t sign up for it every day. – Papercuts could be worse. Sometimes, sometimes if you stub your toe, oh my goodness, and not the big toe, I’m talking like when something snags one of those middles toes,
this was nothing like that. ‘Cause no one was holding
my balls at the time. – Is this, I don’t really
know, watch the show, is this Demerol, or is this him? – Eh, it’s a little of both. – I am an infertile monster, with no risk of, pro-, procreation.
– That’s the Demerol. Okay, lie back down again. – [Rhett] That’s the Demerol. – Oh man, I’m so relieved. Am I ever gonna see you again? – Come on up. Yeah, all you have to do
is watch this episode, you could see me every day. (upbeat music) – We did it man. – We did it, we can’t make babies. – Yeah.
– With our wives. – Now it’s probably a
good time to let you know that this was all a prank
and you just got circumcised. – Yep, I was already circumcised. – I feel closer to you now. – I’m happy for you. – Thanks for liking,
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