We Try Bubble Face Masks

( rooster crows )( lion roars )Bubble face mask is what
I was trying to say. Welcome to
“Good Mythical More.” What came? Didn’t see that coming
the second time either. Oh, it’s a beanie. That was off your head? – Chase: Yep.
– It’s a used beanie from Chase. Shouldn’t have
given it back. – It’s a Chase beanie.
– Ellie, come on in here. She’s going to, uh…
hang out with us, and we’re all going to… – Wow…
– …apply a Korean
bubble face mask. Hey, thanks for grabbing
my Powerade, Sport. – Oh, gosh.
– No problem, Coach. – You have to call him “Coach,”
he earned it.
– No, “Coach Fella.” I thought that just you
had to call him “Coach Fella.” Rhett and Link:
No, everyone does. – “Coach Fella.”
– “Carbonated bubble
clay mask”… Coach Fella. I’m so excited about this. If I’m gonna
call you “Coach Fella,” you need to be saying
more coach-y things. I called you “Sport,” and I
said, “Thanks for my Powerade.” Have you done this before? This is my first time. I’ve seen it before.
I’m very excited. So, basically,
what’s gonna happen– all the instructions
are in Korean. – So…
– I don’t speak Korean. – What is this?
– I mean, I just don’t. This is your little paddle
to, like, apply it to your face, so it’s just like a normal… I would, I’d learn it. But I haven’t had
a qualified teacher. Why is there a pig
on the front of the thing? – I don’t…
– Isn’t it cute? It’s a milky piggy. Well, you know that
there’s the phrase – put lipstick on a pig.
– Ellie: Mm, yeah. – But what about put a face…?
– Yeah, you know
who coined that? Sarah Palin,
one of my favorite people. She’s really popular
with the coaches. Oh, okay, so that
came right off. I’d like to coach her. Oh, God. So we’ve got… I’m not listening to him,
I highly recommend that. Yeah.
This is eerily accurate to my, like,
seventh grade softball coach. – Yep
– So I’m just gonna
take this and… – Ooh, that is…
– So you’re just gonna
start applying it to– so avoid your beard… I’ve never
put anything on my face. Get it on there
’cause it’s gotta set
for a little bit, Rhett. – It’s supposed to bubble up.
– Rhett: Who? – You’re doing this too, right?
– Yeah, I’m doing it. Who? I’m sorry, Coach. – Just…
– Coach who? Link and Ellie:
Coach Fella. Coach Fella. You gotta believe
in it, Coach Fella, – if it’s gonna work.
– Ellie: Can I share
your mirror? I’ve never actually
touched my own face. Okay? It’s weird. Oh, no. I’m just gonna
use my fingers. First time
for everything! This is not… this is not easy
to do to yourself. – No.
– I think it… might be better to have
somebody do it to you. – You know?
– Yeah, if you have
the means, you know? – If you’re a millionaire.
– Well… it is
my favorite color. – Grey?
– Yeah. – Why?
– ‘Cause that is
the absence of all life. – Oh, I just…
– Oh, God. …just dropped a… dropped a little face mask
booger off my… Am I going too thick
do you think? Ellie: I think thick is good,
but you can smooth it out
a little bit more. Y’all check this out,
I can do it just as well
with my left hand as I can with my right. Ellie:
( chuckles ) Wow. – 100% accuracy.
– It’s called switch… – You’re right, it is
easier to use your, um…
– …facial. …just to use
your hand in there. Touching your face
is cool! I would definitely
recommend using your… You’re doing great. Just use your hand,
Coach Fella. – That would be more weird.
– Ellie: Oh, it’s already
bubbling– oh, no. Just get it on there. I look like
a superhero. Who wears a mask right
above the… rest of his face. I can’t tell who that man is
’cause his forehead’s
covered up. Don’t… don’t be alarmed,
it’s just Coach Fella. Should I go down the neck? Rhett:
Mm. – Ellie: I mean…
– Probably not. It’s called a face mask, not a face and neck mask. Ooh, that feels refreshing. So how have y’all been
enjoying my ELPS class? ELPS has been good,
Coach Fella. – I’ve learned…
– You learning anything
about the economy? ( laughs ) No, I learned
a lot more… We have too much
regulation! Learned a lot more
in Health… I know I’m supposed to… I know I’m supposed to let forth
my political “bleanings”… “Bleanings”? …but this school has
too many regulations. Like what…
Coach Fella? Not being able to
touch your face in class is the one that we should
immediately get rid of ’cause this is amazing! ( laughs ) I’m feeling some
tingle tingle. If y’all want to touch
your faces in my class… – It’s very cool and refreshing.
– Ellie: Yeah. …you should. Ellie, I had Coach Fella
last semester for… – for Health and Self-Care,
and Sex Education.
– Rhett: Yeah. Yep.
You remembered that. Tell her about it. – Oh, it’s happening.
– Tell her what you learned. He spent a week on
the importance of showering. And he spent half a day
on how to make babies. Or how to
not make babies. Ooh, it’s starting… – Yours is starting.
– It’s really bubbling. – Yours is bubbling.
– I don’t like
to talk about that in Health class ’cause I feel
like that is a private manner… – Oh, my gosh!
– …matter that… you should discuss directly
with me or your parents. Oh, my God! Look at my face. My face has gone away. Man, I like you
more right now… – You kind of look like…
– …than I ever have, Charles. Kind of look like someone
who would be treated in a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode,
you know? You know that one episode
where the ferry crashes? The national debt
just went up, like, $3 in the last second. Oh, God. I can hear it bubbling. I feel like
I’m at Thanksgiving dinner. You should all be
investing in gold, kids. You should all be
investing in gold. I’ve got… I’ve got so much gold. I don’t trust banks,
I carry… I keep gold and then I keep
bags full of cash. And that’s what y’all
should do too ’cause… that whole FDIC crap… they don’t guarantee. It’s a false sense
of security. Y’all should stay after
for extra credit, I’ll tell you
all about it. It’s actually starting
to itch a little. Yeah, it’s itchy for me too. How’d you get yours
to dry so even, Steven? ‘Cause, I told you,
I used my hand. – I used mine too.
– I used my hand and I touched my face. I just think it’s my face
is a lot hotter than y’all’s. – Okay.
– Yours is starting to bubble… – Yours is starting to bubble.
– …but Ellie’s is bubbling
pretty good. – Thank you.
– Is mine drooping on my brow? Yeah, a little bit, you got it
on a little bit on your brow. I feel like
my brow is like… You’re looking
really good, though. It’s coming off. – Hey.
– ( Ellie laughs ) Hey, kids. When you’re done…
when you’re done
with Coach “Feller’s” class, you can come over
to my class and I’ll teach you
some woodworking. Come back,
come back to my shop and I can teach you
how to make a… um… how to make a box. You can learn how
to make a wooden box. I can also,
if you stay long enough, I’ll teach you some
sheet metal folding. You can make a wallet out of
sheet metal in my class. Are you
Mister… Bunchums? – I’m Mr. Bunchums.
– ( Ellie and Rhett laugh ) I’m the woodworking… I don’t trust
Mr. Bunchums. Well, I’m right here. ‘Cause I saw you
the other day and you had
a “I Voted” sticker on. – That’s right, I did.
– I don’t trust those people. I did my civic duty
and I voted, and I also encourage
all of the… all of the… You also changed the way
you talk to me immediately after you…
after you voted. – I feel like I’m in
a fever dream.
– Once I knew that I voted, I had to change my…
I had to change my voice a little bit. I don’t believe… Ooh, it’s itchy! – Is yours itching?
– Yeah, mine’s itchy. Whoo! I wanna
scratch my brow. I think you should
vote once in life for one person. – Like a judge?
– You should save it up. You should save it up
and let it fly. – Is yours…?
– I haven’t voted yet
is what I’m saying. It’s bubbled up, but I don’t
think it’s getting any bigger. I think it’s gonna keep
getting bigger. What’s mine doing?
Nothing. I don’t know,
yours looks kind of wack. Yours is small. I don’t know
what you did wrong, – but you look worse.
– I did everything right. This is way that it’s
supposed to look! – You look like
a melting gargoyle.
– This is the way that it’s supposed
to look, clearly! Or like a stupid
superhero. Yeah. Or like a gargoyle that got
hit off the side of a building during a superhero fight. Next year,
I’m teaching, and I invite both
of you to come to it… Advanced… European… Uh-oh. …Anatomy. – Oh…
– ( laughter ) I’m there. Ooh! – I am so there.
– Yeah. Yeah, we’re already
a bunch of Botticellis, you know what I mean?
( clicks tongue )


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