Weight Loss Vision Board – Easy, Quick & Hassle Free Way To Crush Your Goals for 2020

I have in my hand the future right here
for the next year, in 2020 I’m gonna show you how to create a really easy weight
loss vision board this was the easiest and fastest way that I could do a board
usually what I do is I take a poster board and I get pictures and I cut them
out and then I place them and this takes a few days but this year I decided to do
things digitally so I’m gonna show you in this video how to do it and really
quick now each year I create my own set of goals for the entire year in every
category of my life I’m gonna show you my vision board but I actually call it a
body board and I’ll show you what it looks like and hopefully you can see it
if not I’ll put it right here so you could see it so this is my body board
for 2020 and some of my goals you’ll see I have a whole bunch of different
pictures there and I called it my body board 2020 and then I also have a quote
I guess you could say or a theme for the year and my entire year is raising my
standards so I also put a quote on their dear body
I love you because it just reminds me that I need to take care of my body more
and make sure I move it more and I just need to take care of my body a little
bit more it’s the only place we have to live in so here are some of my goals now
this is actually Jennifer Lopez because I absolutely adore her and this is her
body and this is something that I’d like to achieve and I’m going to be doing a
90 day transformation for myself let me know in the comments below if you’d
actually like to see my transformation and as it’s happening in what I’m doing
so that’s number one now I also want to lean up and gain some muscle so I have
about maybe eight pounds I’d like to lose and this is just signifies
basically that I want to get rid of some lumps and bumps that are on my
and on my butt and this one here is just a reminder of stretching and moving and
you know exercise and then this one here is I need to start correcting my posture
a little bit because I do have the mum slouch like I mentioned a lot in my
videos and I do have it and I have a lower cross syndrome and I can explain
it another video but basically I need to correct my posture and this one is a
reminder that I need more massages and this one here is basically to better my
digestion now I’ve been working on this in the last couple years and my
digestion actually has gotten a lot better so I can just still tweak it just
a little bit more basically I will look at this every single day so those are my
goals for 2020 now what is your 2020 goals for yourself what is it for your
body and your health let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear them now
when you’re starting eight to do a body board or that weight loss vision board
it’s important to really think about what it is that you want and if you’re
having a hard time you’re not really sure just think of yourself a year from
now looking back what it would be great to achieve get specific if you want to
lose weight how many pounds is that or maybe it’s inches for you or maybe a
dress size but get clear on what that is and also think about how you want to
feel maybe what you want to do much like I did in mine where I was thinking about
the outside and then also the inside with the digestion for you might be
something else maybe you want more energy but just write those down and I
have and I have six things that I have on my board you could do a lot more and
it’s great to have it written down so that you can reference your page as
you’re looking for different pictures now I also suggest to find some word art
that resonates with you so that you could put that on your board
as well this one I didn’t do this year but you can do things like energy and
healthy things that really resonate I just chose that one line this year dear
body I love once you’ve finished writing it down you
take it to canva and canva is a free program you can also download the app
and it is free to create an account and here’s the easiest thing to do when you
log in or register all you do is search for a mood board then you can choose the
board of your liking and this is the one that I chose you can always change the
colors and you can change the fonts you can change the different pictures sky
really is the limit then what you do is you can search for photos right here in
canva or you can search online for things that you want so for example I
wanted to have better posture so I searched for a posture picture then all
you do is just drag it and drop it and then you can play around with the
different locations where you want the pictures and like I said you could also
change the colors and then you just hit save I saved it into a PDF format and
also I saved it into a JPEG format so what I did is I actually printed it at
Staples so that I have hard copies of it and I actually have I think nine
different things here then what you want to do is you want to go post it where
you’re gonna see it every single day and even better if you could do twice a day
where you just once in the morning and once in the evening vision boards work
okay a lot of people who are doing vision boards and just sit there and
don’t do anything about it they’re not going to work but Oprah uses vision
boards okay and if Oprah uses it you need to use it I love Oprah so put it
anywhere that you’re gonna see it you know every single day you can put it on
a poster board if you like it a little bit more hard copy or you could put it
in picture frames I’m gonna see what I’m gonna do with it I haven’t quite decided
but I love that I printed it it was super quick like I did it maybe in an
hour and a half just choosing all the pictures changing the colors and you
it’s just gonna take an afternoon so once you look at these every day you
have to do something about it you can’t just sit there and eat a doughnut and
then wish to look like Jennifer Lopez cuz that’s not gonna happen
and the neat thing is is at the end of there you could look back and see
everything that you’ve accomplished there is studies done and there’s people
successful people who use vision boards and they crush their goals a lot faster
than somebody who doesn’t because you create the intention you have the vision
of what you really want and then you go after and get it and sometimes it’s
really helpful if something comes your way and you feel like I don’t know what
to do in this moment all you have to do is look at your vision board yeah I know
where I want to be so does this match where I want to be or it doesn’t match
where I want to be and that I find is very very helpful in my life because it
gives me some answers to things I might be stuck on so if that’s just a quick
down and dirty way how to do your vision boards and your body boards I would love
to see them so if you want to share them you can go to my facebook page and you
can just share them with me I would love to see them I love doing goals
I love crushing goals I love seeing people’s goals I don’t know what it is
it just lights me up comment below if you haven’t done so already to let me
know what your goals are for 2020 be sure to share this video and hit the
subscribe button so you can be notified of my next upcoming videos because
there’s gonna be a lot of them thank you so much for watching until next time


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