What are dilating eye drops?

For your eye doctor to thoroughly
examine your eye,s he or she will need to dilate or widen your pupils using
special eye drops. Without dilation, trying to examine the
inside of your eye is like looking into a room through a keyhole in the door.
When the eye has dilated it’s like having the door open to see into the
room. The pupil is the black opening at the center of the iris, the colored part
of your eye that lets light in. The iris is made of muscles that relax or
contract to make the pupil wider or narrower depending on how much light is
around you. Dilating your pupils allows your eye doctor to use special
instruments to look inside the eye and get a better view of the structures that
allow you to see he or she can check the health of your lens which is important
for focusing light on your retina. The light-sensitive tissue lining the back
of the eye, most of the retina itself can be seen allowing your doctor. To check
for evidence of disease that can affect both your detailed vision and your
peripheral or side vision, your optic nerve can also be seen. This nerve sends
signals from the retina to your brain where they become the images you see.

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