What are tinted lenses for? Do you know what colored sunglasses do for your sight?

When you buy eyeglasses or sunglasses
you can choose to enhance your vision with tinted lenses tinted lenses are
ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who leads an active lifestyle. green lenses are ideal for outdoor activities they are great for everyday
use, reduce glare and brighten shadows, and are great in rainy or sunny weather
conditions blue lenses eliminate glare and enhance color perception they also enhance contours and are great in foggy, misty or snowy weather hockey is a sport
that complements blue lenses red and pink lenses enhance depth perception and
reduce eye strain they provide good visibility on the road and they are
great for skiing, snowboarding and racing Dark amber, copper and brown
lenses are useful when judging distance, enhancing depth perception, improving
color contrast in sunny or cloudy weather conditions wear are these when
engaging in high altitude sports and golf Grey or black lenses are great for everyday use and they provide true color
perception. They reduce glare and eye strain and are suitable in sunny or
overcast weather these lenses are great for driving and baseball

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