What Causes Inner Ear Infections by Dr. Stephen Fuller DC

Does your child suffer from reoccurring ear
infections and you can’t figure out why it keeps coming back? Are more anti-biotics the answer? Are tubes the answer? Is there a better and natural way to address this? Absolutely!
Watch this short video from Dr. Stephen Fuller all the way to the end for the answer and
a special offer. In order to fix any problem we must first
find out what the root of the problem is — and just to let you know in this case it’s NOT
an anti-biotic nor ear tube deficiency. The most common problem to inner ear infections is caused by reduced circulation in the Eustachian Tubes due to a misalignment of the bones in
the upper neck area, allowing regurgitated food and phlegm to back up and fester in those tubes — thus, reoccurring infections. Dr. Stephen Fuller’s chiropractic office located at 5714 West 34th street in Amarillo may certainly help your child with this problem. Call 322-1916 today to set up an appointment. New patience, mention this video and you will receive a FREE examination to determine if your child is subluxated and would respond favorably
to chiropractic care. Please visit our website (www.FullerChiroAndWellness.com) for more
information and subscribe to this channel for more great information.

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