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Hi I’m Alastair Hay, homeopathical… and
I’m a home-visiting homeopath. What I do is I help people get well and I help people stay
well, using homeopathic medicines. And… What people don’t seem to know, ‘cos I haven’t
told them, what happens during a consultation? There are many sort of expectations as to
what happens during a consultation, so I’m going to say… It’s… to all intents and
purpose, it’s a chat. Most of the consultations I have are home visits, so I go to you, unless
you’re more than about an hour and a half away then we might use Skype, FaceTime or
even the good old telephone… and you tell me what the matter is. Those problems can
be mental, those can be emotional, they can be physical and sometimes they’re all three.
With that information, I find a homeopathic medicine that, I suppose, it resonates with
your ‘stuckness’, it resonates with where you’re ‘stuck’. How I know that is those homeopathic
medicines have been tested on a bunch of healthy people and produced your symptoms or perhaps
very similar symptoms to you, on them, so I know how it’s going to help you… With
the view to stimulating your body to heal itself, rather than working against your body
to get rid of symptoms it’s working to strengthen you… to get rid of symptoms. It’s important
that we set health goals so that we know we’re going the right way, so let’s say I saw you
today… I’d want to see you in four weeks’ time, about a month’s time… I may text,
or ‘phone in a couple of weeks’ time to see if we’re going the right way towards achieving
those goals. Two weeks after that, of course, four weeks from the first consultation, we’ll
have another consultation and see how we’re getting on. Ideally, you’re working towards
getting those goals, we’ll see another four weeks after that… and if we’re working towards
that we’re working towards a situation where you don’t need me and you don’t need the medicines…
you’re getting better… That’s it really. So if you see ill people today, think of Alastair
Hay… thank you.

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