What is a Cataract? | #aumsum

What is a cataract? It may be a cat’s nickname. No. A cataract is an eye disease. How does it form? Wait. I will explain. Each of our eyes consists of a transparent lens. Is it similar to my camera lens? Absolutely. Our eye lens is made up of water and protein. They are arranged in such a way that keeps the lens clear, and lets light pass through it. Hence, a sharp image is formed on the retina. However, as we age, the protein begins to
clump together, making the lens cloudy. This clouding of our eye’s natural lens is
called a cataract. In such situations, when light from an object enters our eye, the clumped protein blocks or scatters the light. As a result, a blurred image is formed on the retina, thus making it hard to see.


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