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welcome back to our vision campus today
let’s talk about software development kits for machine vision
imagine you want to assemble a model car and you’re interested in the car itself
and not in the details like cutting threads or punching metal sheets you
also do not want to bother with assembling or organizing all the tools
you need to put together the components it would be much easier if there was a
kit of items comprising not only all the parts of the model car but also all the
tools you need to assemble it in the world of software the equivalent of this
is the software development kit or SDK an SDK provides a set of tools used for
developing applications on a specific platform typically these are pieces of
software that communicate with hardware used by an application running on a PC
or an embedded platform it’s you you need to control and trigger a camera for
image acquisition you are not familiar with a camera model but you’re
accustomed to a certain programming language then imagine having access to
drivers and application programming interfaces which can be used to manage
these tasks even better sample code will help you understand how to use the
drivers and api’s and how to configure the new piece of hardware
an SDK for machine vision should include drivers for common camera interfaces
like geeky vision or usb3 vision in application programming interface tailor
to the specific needs of the machine vision world sample code in commonly
used programming languages tools to access the many parameters of a machine
vision camera configuration tools to directly evaluate the effects of
parameter changes to optimize image quality and documentation that supports
you in integrating a machine vision camera easily into your application SDKs
can either be free of charge usually when provided by camera manufacturers
are provided for a cost by software manufacturers who typically offer
additional specific image processing routines before integrating a camera in
an industrial application he usually need to evaluate the selected camera and
design a prototype application to do so you usually use a viewer tool and
auxiliary configuration or optimization tools the more functionality and
ease-of-use aspects these tools offer the easier and faster the evaluation
process and the lower your project costs will be for example if the viewer tool
provides you with complete documentation and source code for programming the
camera features you won’t need to look into manuals or SDK samples the
availability of optimization tools for example for optimizing the available
bandwidth will enable you to design your application with ease when it comes to
developing a software application the quality of the API and its portability
will have a direct effect on your current and future costs the less code
you write the faster the development and the lower the project costs the
availability of SDK samples for different application use cases and code
snippets detailing specific camera features will also contribute to a
leaner and more cost-effective software development on top of all these benefits
a good SDK will allow you to use your existing code for different camera
interfaces and operating systems to adapt your projects of future market
challenges once your application is developed it is
all about maintenance in industry proven and mature machine vision SDK with
reliable drivers is essential for keeping your maintenance costs low
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