What is causing your EARS TO BE RINGING?? TMJ Pain, Jaw POPPING, Jaw CLICKING?

Right, so my name is Royce I guess you can call it and suffer of TMJ to an extent. I’ve never really had Really bad job in here kind of like my dad what my condition is Revolved around is more of an ear ringing both ears. Just one being a little bit worse and for I’d say many months up until a little over a year. I started off with a very low tinnitus with one frequency and It got worse and worse as the months went by and I thought it was just maybe stress from school Academics and I guess just life things and you know I talked to my parents and I did a lot of research on Google and it’s just a you know, it comes and goes and It’s about eight to ten months went by and it was only getting worse and so being in College Station. I looked up some doctors I went and saw this doctor and he thought it was clenching because my sister clenches and my dad clenches and jaw And I never thought I was a clencher. I never really sat down I definitely didn’t grind my teeth because they would see that my molars and You know, he said it might be my sleep but might just be when I’m studying. So I said, okay he doesn’t test and he got me this type of mouthpiece that had an elevated bar for my molar and I wore that for a few weeks up to a month Quite a bit and I saw no improvement with my ears. If anything they got worse so I just kind of didn’t really wear a whole lot I kept going and I think the deciding factor for me was when I was sitting and one of I Guess you’d call him this organization one of the officers sent me down her office and it was dead quiet for about 45 seconds to a minute and It just I mean she was checking her email and the computer in and it was dead quiet and I said I gotta get this fixed. It was it was the ringing come from all directions it was three frequencies one high one mid one low and It was bad. So I waited till after finals and then I Basically went on Google. I did some research. I read the reviews for Dr. Coats and all the reviews were really good and I Remember, I read it distinctly that you come in. She’ll do a full scan. You’ll see everything that’s going on in your ears and We did that when I came in it was really good I got a my parents came on the webcam and she basically diagnosed me with everything else going wrong with my jaw being back pushed from my orthodontics braces in middle school and now that I have my orthotics I’m gonna be in treatment here and Hoping for significant improvement and that I don’t have to sleep with a fan a white noise machine and I don’t have to worry about keeping headphones in or taking places with noise. And at some point, I’ll get relief from it all

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