What Is Red Eye Reviews?

So you’re probably wondering “What is Red Eye Reviews?” and “Why do I love
it so much?” So, we’re [just some] guys and we needed something to do so we decided, we were scheme like usual and we decided we’d review video games
and smoke weed he threw out the name red-eye reviews at
one point and I like that and just went with it and made an intro video made the channel everything and I looked up,
before I did that Red Eye Reviews on Google to see if it was taken I
just found reviews of a Wes Craven movie called Red Eye, that
I hadn’t heard of So I made the first video and posted it with the little resources we have now but
I’ll get into that and some guy does a segment, like a
playlist called Red Eye Reviews and he does game
reviews so I contacted him. We’ll see he’s
alright with our name and I’ll put a link to his channel to at least give him homage or whatever for having used the name first and maybe we’ll change the name, depending on what
he says I guess though I don’t know if we have to but I
just think we will if he doesn’t like it. So yeah, we
don’t have all the stuff we need to record yet our
plan is that we’ll smoke and play games and you can watch what we think about the games
as we’re getting high and will have gameplay footage and video of us. Hopefully somehow get that
working But for now it’s just reviews on
whether you should buy rent or maybe not play games as they
come out later on we wanna have a section for the best co-op games. What we think are
the best co-op games and a section for some cool retro
games so that’s what’s going on with RERe.

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