What It Takes To Take Care of the Nashville Predators

Here with Dr. Rummo and he is the head
team physician for the Nashville Predators and a very good friend and I know his
family well, doctor thank you for joining me thanks for having me right off the bat you’re
here I’m not sure if you’re ever in the hockey surrounding before but how did
you become the head team physician well that’s a great question Crispy so as you know I
grew up in Massachusetts and I’d have to say that I was a Boston Bruins fan and
of course I grew up in the time where there was a player named Bobby Orr you
know very well my hometown boy Romy it’s why we talked about this because you
were on the ice right before he scored that famous goal that famous picture with him
flying through the air doc I could have been in the background going didn’t make
it so you know growing up in Massachusetts I was a huge hockey fan I
grew up playing hockey actually grew up in the town next to Peter la vela he was
a little bit older than me and he was a high school standout
excellent hockey player read about him in the paper all the time and I played
hockey growing up into high school played a little bit in college in the
intramural level and then you know eventually I went to medical school and
I came to Vanderbilt and did a fellowship in sports medicine and after
a while being here at Vanderbilt we finally got a hockey team and about
10 years ago they were asked you know by the Predators to become the official
medical provider for the for the Predators and I was asked to be one of
the team physicians along with Dr. Kuhn well we’re the lucky ones to get you
guys you and Dr. Kuhn yourself and your teammates in the doctor staff but I have
to ask you this working with professional athletes you said you
played a little bit of hockey are they different tough to work with hard to
work with do they give you problems do they listen to you oh all the athletes
that I’ve worked with over the years are excellent the hockey players are a great
group of players to work with I think that you know most hockey players come
from families that are hardworking families blue-collar families
and there is a lot of parental involvement and bringing them up and and
it shows that when we take care of a player they they listen to us and you
know they they really listen to what we have to say they’re very respectful so
taking care of them is a breeze I got to ask you this and I mean hockey’s a pass
game lot of courts and you’re sitting there watching it you’re watching to see
who’s getting hit is he going down is he getting up whatever but the thing that
people ask is what type of equipment you have on-site when all these injuries are
different and you take a place when they take a player off the edge down the
hallway that’s the last you see of them what do you have here that you’re
looking to treat these all these different injuries with so we do have an
x-ray machine here so we can we can x-ray different body parts if someone
needs to be sutured we have all that equipment available as well we also have
a lot of the rehab equipment here that the players can do during their rehab
process as well many of the players want to get back too early and you got a
hammer down on them but then I played we had a lot of guys that want to get back
in there but you had to be the heavy most of the players listen to us and
will respect what we tell them in in the timeframe that we give him to go
back and play now come playoff time obviously everyone wants to be out there
and and sometimes you know you have to make a decision a tough decision that’s
best for the player and not obviously the team but again even in those
situations the players are very attentive to what we have to say and
they listen to to our opinion and obviously we’re not putting anyone else
on the ice that that’s not supposed to be out there and this when you have to
defend the people because I get asked all the time you’re a doctor Dr. Kuhn
was here a doctor oh yeah he’s having a maintenance day
I’ve heard what’s a maintenance day and what do you what qualifies you to tell
him he’s having a maintenance day what is it
well there’s times especially during the season that players need a break
and we had a long season a lot of injuries occur during the season and so
if there’s a time where maybe one player can fill in for another player we give
that player rest and it’s it doesn’t happen that often but occasionally it
does come up so I had an I have to ask you this also
so when the players are getting ready training camp you come here for training
camp correct you’re you’re looking at you give them all physical but you
guys run right through the mill it’s your job to pull them out too if they’re
not ready you don’t go correct that so the
beginning the season we give everyone a thorough physical they go through a
whole list of testing including bloodwork
EKGs physical examinations and if someone’s not ready they’re not gonna start
camp we and and I talked to Dr. Kuhn about this and you guys have got here
one of the unity a trauma team on-site correct tell our fans about that what you
guys do together work together what does it entail oh it’s it’s a great teamwork
honestly Dr. Kuhn and I are the main guys that are here most of the time but
we have a whole list of other physicians and a trauma team that out of Vanderbilt
and who runs an ambulance in the back over here that waiting in case it
there’s a an injury that needs to go up to the hospital so we work together we
have not only myself but Dr. Kuhn at the games we have an eye doctor we have a
dentist we have an emergency room physician we have a chiropractor so it’s
it’s it’s a whole list of physicians we even have a plastic surgeon here in case
they need to be sutured up so yeah it’s it’s it’s a team effort in all on all of
us okay before I let you go I’m gonna ask you this one you love hockey
you were raised in hockey you watched us I’m gonna let you off the hook I’m gonna let
you have two who are your two favorite players that have gone through whether
present-day past or whatever that you have fond memories of and I’ll give you
a second to think about it okay go gosh I mean I’ll tell you all the
players that have come through here and you’re begging up now to two players
well honestly I think the player who has been here the longest and it’s probably
one of my favorite is Pekka he’s just honestly great goaltender but a great
person yeah he has just represented the Predators
and professionally in every aspect so I’d have to say he’s definitely one of
my favorites and one of the ones that’s gone through
all that y’all can go back over okay who’s that guys gone through that you
really enjoyed happy here ah gosh there’s a lot of them we actually Shay
Webber was awesome I have to say that one of my other favorite players though
was JP Dumont you know he’s still in town
and I see him at the games and I see him around town and he’ll call me every now
and then and and he’s again he’s another player that I think was just you know a
great player but also represented the organization as a class act he is a
gentleman you said and for all Derek I have a gentleman right here with me
Dr. Rummo thank you so very much for being here but more than that thank you
and Dr. Kuhn and all your trauma trauma team what you do here we love you guys
for it see with us well thanks for having me it’s okay you’re not getting
paid either

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