What mobile phone overuse does to your neck and eyes

time now for our life and info segment
where we focus on information that’s useful for your everyday life whether
you’re watching us in Korea or somewhere else around the world these days almost
everyone has a smartphone and uses it from the time they wake up to when they
go to bed and today we’re going to talk about some useful tips to reduce the
negative health effects that come from overuse of smartphones it’s affecting an
increasing number of people I’m happy to say we have our chess young in the
studio to tell us about these health issues and how to reduce them so she on
just described some of the issues that can be brought on by excessive use of
smartphones well right the most common health problem is neck pain because
people tilt their head forward while using a phone and that puts weight on
your neck now tilting the head for too long now that causes repeated stress and
pain now your neck is supposed to have a natural curve as you can see on the left
of this picture but as you keep tilting your head forward for a long period of
time looking at your smartphone that curve becomes straighter the curve helps
to better distribute weight now without it then that cannot distribute weight so
you’ll get pain right well looking at that picture there it does look very
painful if you do have an abnormal neck condition and when you take the subway
you see all the rows of people lined up with their smartphones or crow bending
over looking into them so it really isn’t good so if you’ve lost the curve
what can you do to regain it if you’re already suffering from this kind of neck
pain well I’ve got some tips from doctors on just how to do that now why
don’t we take a lesson if the pain isn’t too bad you can just do simple neck
stretches but if the pain doesn’t go easily you could have a physical
therapist relax your muscles around the neck in a way that recovers your
original curve now so try neck stretches moving your left ear toward your left
shoulder and then your right ear to your right shoulder now
but if that doesn’t work your cervical disc will shock observer in the neck may
be displaced then you could have a physical therapist treatment of physical
therapist helps to put the disc back in its correct place and make them that
curved again using hands to apply different pressures on the neck now this
is something you cannot do alone yeah you need a trained medical professional
to help you do that so it looks like once your neck is straight it can take
quite a bit of time for your health condition to recover so you feel better
again true but if you find about your neck problem early you could do those
stretches and perhaps some therapy and then your neck will regain its curve now
let’s take a look at on x-ray you can see the neck regaining its curve now
this patient received therapy over about two months now when doing the stretches
and therapy remember one thing no tilting too long with your smartphone
because there just cause your neck to straightening again
well good tips the sheong so other than neck problems what other health risks do
we have associated with excessive smartphone use well evidently our eyes
get stressed out too long too much too because if you look at the smartphone’s
too long eyes get stressed now but more importantly looking at smart phones
smart phones emit blue light now experts say much exposure to this light is
harmful to our eyes first let’s see what this light is if you look at this light
spectrum on the right of the picture the light comes from rays on the blue end of
the spectrum now we get most of our exposure to this life from the Sun a
digital devices such as smartphones also emit this light although the amount
emitted is only a fraction of what the Sun emits about the blue light
penetrates all the way to the retina the innermost light sensitive issue tissue
of the eye now health professionals say this light is not all bad because it
helps us to control our feelings and concentrate better it also helps us to
see things in the dark but the amount of time
people spend using smartphones and the proximity of these digital screens to
the users face have many doctors concerned about possible long-term
effects now let’s see what what one doctor has to say so they say prolonged
exposure to blue light could damage light-sensitive cells in our eyes and
increase the risk of deterioration of the macular which is the small central
area of the retina that controls vision and I hear as well that if you look at
your smartphone while you’re attempting to go to sleep that kind of blue light
can prevent you from falling to sleep easily and that’s something a lot of us
do as a habit now before we go to bed look check our smartphone for messages
and emails or even just browse the Internet but to protect ourselves then
our eyes from this blue light is a top priority is there something we can do to
make sure our eyes are nicely protected well there is if you happen to be
someone who uses some iPhones or other little screens for a long period of time
one option is to physically block the light and with a pair of blue light
blocking glasses now they look like regular eyepieces but they may cost a
little more these glasses may not completely block blue light but could
filter out most of it so your eyes are less exposed recently along with eye
surgery patients more students and office workers who spend a lot of time
on digital screens such as smartphones and computers are purchasing blue light
blocking glasses okay so a whole new market opening up there with people
purchasing these glasses that protect their eyes when looking at smartphones
and you said other digital devices as well so Shion thanks very much for
coming into the studio you look very dapper today and we appreciate all the
work that you put into your report thank you well thank you Mark

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