What to Expect on Your First Visit | American Ear Hearing & Audiology

When folks first come to see us at American
Ear & Hearing and Audiology we’ll greet the patient, bring them back to the first room where we’ll talk about their history. We’ll get some case history. Talk about what’s brought them to us and what made them come in, make an appointment and get this addressed. After that, we’ll look in their ears. We’ll see how their canals are. After that, we’ll take them over to our sound room. We’ll place them in the sound booth. During that time we’ll do a pure-tone and a speech test. What that is is we’ll play a different frequency at different levels from your low-pitches to your high-pitches. Basically we’re just checking the integrity of the auditory system at that point. Then we like to get their speech comprehension and understanding. We’ll have them repeat a number of words back to us. First we see how quiet they can hear those words. Then we’ll stay at a nice comfortable level for them and we’ll see what their discrimination is of words at a conversational level. After that, we bring them in for the test results. We review the results and we have a consultation. Let them know what the results are, if there is a hearing loss if we do see one. And then let them know what their options are. We’ll discuss what our options are. What kinds of technology they can expect. What sorts of things that they’re going to need to do with those hearing aids, if it is a hearing aid situation. If not, we always look to have it evaluated regularly from that point on. Obviously there was an issue that brought them in, but we would like to see them at least annually to just check the integrity of their hearing and keep track of it and see if a lost ever manifest. What brought me in the American Ear office was I’ve had a hearing problem for a long long time. But my wife takes care of the finances and she didn’t think that we could afford hearing aid. I was skeptical of how much it would cost. Our insurance came up with a program that helped with it, so we decided to check it out. The hearing exam was nothing. I mean it was just very easy. She’d say ‘Whenever you hear something, punch that button you got in your hand.’ I said, “Okay.” And there was no problem. There was nothing to the exam, nothing at all. What we find most satisfying, is being able to help folks with their hearing while reconnecting to their environment and personal relationships with their loved ones and friends.

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