What will Dr Zakir Naik do if his children leave Islam

can ask your question again okay my name
is Ayas Phyllis oLonny I’m a social monitoring worker and a business
proprietor as well as a religion researcher now this question it’s about
one of the questions that you have answered but I’m posing this question directly to you doctor
you told us that if you’re a Muslim when you convert to non Muslim in an Islamic country by the
law the kadhi which is the judge of the privilege has the right to judge a person
I understood that you are from India and in this country we have seen cases where
the children of imam convert on three cases where we have children’s of pastor convert the other
religion you as a person if your child your son or your daughter decide to convert to non-muslim
what will you do one and if it’s your daughter I decide to marry a non-muslim
what we will do will you disown them and what is the evidence in the Quran to
state your action because I believe you believe in rights when I watch some of
your videos, brother asked the question that if my son or daughter converts to any other religion
what will I do and if our son or my daughter marry somebody else who’s not a
Muslim what will I do first of all in sha Allah my son and daughter will never do
that why because I have trained them my son and my daughter my son and both my
daughters hafiz ul quran they know more of the Quran than me mashAllah
all my three children there are… they are hafiz ul quran and if a
Christian comes to convert them they can reply them the Christian mission… in sha Allah
they will be able to do something about insha’Allah as far as my children
are concerned I have already made them tough I made the Mujahideen
you know Mujahideen .. is a person who strifes they are Da‛wahi (Calling Others to Islam)
so all three children of mine they are trained they will convert the others
my son has already converted many non Muslim to Islam so where is the question of
him converting but hypothetically hypothetically hypothetically ..
hypothetically if suppose someone’s son converts or someone’s son married the
non-muslim what should we do and give me reference from the Quran you said in
this case first of all you should try and tell your child that converting is
wrong with hikmah (wisdom) everything with love with appreciation give him the good with
reason logic but suppose he has been allured by someone and has been falsely
maligned and falsely accepts some other religions what will I do ?I will disown him why I
will tell you give proof from the Quran the best example is the son of prophet
Noah (as), prophet Noah (as) if you know the story of Noah prophet
Noah peace be upon him he was given the revelation that there is going to be
flood therefore make a boat big ark so he made an ark all those who are
believers they came into the ark he brought pairs of animals etc but his son
did not obey him his son used to mock at the father, his father asked what he would when
would come. he said if a flood come I will go to the tallest mountain
so Noah (as) prayed to Almighty God that when the flood comes You at least
save my family members and Allah (swt) promises that He will save
his family members now when it starts to rain his son goes to the top of the
mountain the mountain is on the top the level of water keeps on rising when it
rises it even rises above the mountain peak then the son cries it’s mentioned
in surah hood chapter number 11 verse number 45 onwards 46 47 48 49 the son is crying
oh my father save me so Noah (as) is praying to God then You promised me
that you would save my family so Almighty God replied your son is not
amongst your family if my son becomes a non-muslim he does not remain my son he
may be my physical son but not my son in faith because the brotherhood of eman
the brotherhood of faith is far superior than the blood relationship that person
will remain my son only physically because of blood relation but the moment
he converts he does not remain my brother in faith he does not remain my
son in faith so physically yet my son but in faith is not my son so I will disown
him the same way if he marries somebody else marry that mushrik (idol worshipper) I may love him I can do
anything but I will tell him that we will go to Jahannam (hell) because Islam doesn’t permit a
person to take any other religion and does not permit it to marry somebody else
you have to put the pressure that you will not be a part of my family at all
physically may continue but spiritually no and even not even inherit he will not
inherit any of my property because he seizes to be a Muslim that the reason
I disown him but yet I will try and convince him to come back to the faith I
will try and speak to him logically i will try my level best yet to convince him
and the moment he comes back he will again be my son in faith and my son and
inshAllah I will reward him more hope the answer of the question

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