What Your Cold Nose Means

could a cold nose be a sign that your brain is working overtime according to a study by the University of Nottingham it could be scientists used thermal imaging cameras to track test subjects brains while conducting mental tasks notice that the larger the mental workload was the lower the temperature in the nose and researchers think it’s because when your brain is working hard we talked about this with Mike Mike Dow earlier uses a lot of energy so a diverse blood flow from the face to the neurons that are under pressure it makes sense since you have that carotid artery that’s sitting there divides internal external part of the blood goes to the face other the rest of it goes up to the brain if the brain is working harder more blood is gonna go there what does that translate your face and your nose may be a little cooler how are the temperatures of your noses right now are you guys working harder I’m trying not to use my brain I’m not trying to be stressed out this relaxes me no you kind of go up to people who are working for you touch their nose see if you’re giving them hard enough work but guess what the body keeps is temperature the same everywhere it’s giving me 98.6 I think this is one of those you’re only going to see it on thermal imaging studies realistically you’re not going to feel you


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