What’s the success rate of cataract surgery?

So cataracts are clouding of the natural lens
inside the eye. So, if we look at the model of the eye again,
this at the front here is the lens inside our eyes that we all have. And as one gets
older, this lens becomes cloudy. And it’s like looking through
a frosted window. So, cataract surgery is surgery to
address this by removing that cataracted lens and usually replacing it with an artificial
lens. It is the most or one of the most successful surgeries that
we do in the world. The success rate is over 90% in
improving vision for people with cataracts. After we take out the cataract we usually
replace the cataract with an artificial lens inside the
eye. We choose the power of the lens for the patient to allow
them usually to see clearer in the distance, but this needs to be discussed with the surgeon
involved. Nowadays we also have the options of premium
intraocular lenses or premium or special lenses that can
further enhance the vision that the patient has to improve their symptoms. They can–
some lenses can allow people to see in the distance and in
the near and other lenses can help remove or reduce some of
the stigmatism or the other aberrations that people can have with their vision. It is by
far the most common and by far the most successful surgery
that we do in the world. And seeing a specialist who
specialises in cataract surgery can be very rewarding for the patient.

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